The US Air Force tests its first flying vehicle
The US Air Force tests its first flying vehicle

The United States Air Force (USAF) conducts research on aircraft and service personnel have revised their prototypes.

Air Force Minister Barbara Barrett and Chief of Staff Charles Brown attended eVTOL's first airshow.

The Texas National Guard and Innovation Team (USAF AFWERX) hosted the exhibition, which included a prototype of a hexagonal multi-engine helicopter developed by Texas-based LIFT Aircraft for the first time for the U.S. Air Force in an aerial competition and winner is. Degree.

LIFT Aircraft Corporation announced a partnership with Agility Prime in April to advance flight, airworthiness and safety tests, as well as certify their unique aircraft, which resembles a golf ball raised in the air, with its drone range.

As part of the accident, the six-propeller plane carried a passenger in the air for an unknown period of time, and the vehicle used 18 electric motors to increase lift and has the ability to carry a single passenger. .

Agility Prime aims to accelerate the development, testing and certification of eVTOL aircraft for military and civilian use.

In April, the US Air Force promised to provide $ 25 million for the eVTOL project in fiscal year 2021.

The United States Air Force (USAF) plans to make additional investments in the next few years to accelerate at least one new aircraft model and achieve combat capabilities by fiscal year 2023.

USAF AFWERX and Project Director (Agility Prime) said: Currently more than 15 companies in the Agility Prime program manufacture aircraft around the world. This theft aims to reduce the risk in the short term. The first technology in many demos and flight tests.

In addition to the US Air Force, the US military is also testing eVTOL aircraft to supplement forces and conduct combat search and rescue operations.

The autonomous flight capability of an aircraft can protect a pilot from certain mission threats.

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