Gates: Tech companies deserve open unfair and cruel questions
Gates: Tech companies deserve open unfair and cruel questions

Bill Gates believes tech companies "deserve" the test they faced at a congressional hearing last month. The late Steve Jobs is considered a "genius".According to his statements with Armchair Expert Radio.

Microsoft founder Dax Shepard said, "When someone like me, or any of them, succeeds, you have to be plagued with rude, unfair, and sensitive issues." "The government has the right to criticize you," added Guy Ziz. There are some very successful areas with such difficult questioning, and it doesn't matter. ''

Gates stated at the House Judiciary Committee meeting on July 29 that chief executives of Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon have been interviewed about their business practices in connection with the ongoing antitrust investigation.

In an in-depth podcast interview, Gates talks about his foundation's vaccine work and the situation when Microsoft was founded, but also about feeling like he's a celebrity. He said, `` The idea that tech entrepreneurs are famous in popular culture has gotten used to it. He said, “It was crazy because I was obsessed with science and just didn't quite agree with it, and then it came into a world where people care about my point of view. My reaction was, 'What happened? "

Regarding his late rival, Gates said he was not "strict" like Jobs, but admired how Jobs made him Apple after his return to Apple.

Gates said, "Jobs are genius." Especially when he got back to Apple ... nobody can do what he's done there, and neither will I. Gates admitted he envies the personality of the late Apple CEO: “He's a wizard who over-motivates people - I'm a little wizard so I can't fall under the influence of his spell - but I can see him. Cast the spell.” He added, “I'm so jealous.”

"I don't have the social skills to have, I can't cook, nor do I speak other languages ​​fluently, which makes me feel very embarrassed," Gates said, as he addresses some of his personal shortcomings.

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