Google Assistant supports direct donation feature to humanitarian organizations
Google Assistant supports direct donation feature to humanitarian organizations

The Google Assistant has a new feature that facilitates donations to major humanitarian and non-profit organizations. The organization will be the center of police justice when it is first established. The organization works to improve police transparency and accountability.

The announcement of this new job coincided with the 57th anniversary of the Civil Rights March in Washington. Currently, new donation links can only be accessed through cell phones by telling the digital assistant "Hey Google, provide racial justice" through Google's Android system and Apple's digital system (iOS). Or use the "Special Journal Card" on the overview page. In Google Assistant.

Google said: It will not accept any part of the donations made by the assistants because all donations go directly to the Police Justice Center. The company also plans to expand the ability of its digital assistants to donate in the coming weeks to support "other humanitarian and nonprofit organizations." However, Google has yet to specify which organization to choose.

Additionally, Google announced Thursday that it will update the Snapshot feature provided by its Google digital assistant to make it more informative and proactive.

The US tech giant said in its blog, “Two years ago we launched Google Assistant Snapshot, which is a new way to use Google Assistant to keep you updated throughout your day. Now let's add some updates. Daily tasks (at a glance) More insights and more proactive insights will keep you on. Stay up to date on to-do list, recommended activities, and more features all of which can be a one-stop shop for Android or iOS devices.

In addition to the basic information that users rely on (such as agenda, commute time, and reminders to pay off credit card debt), users now see a summary of other important tasks at the top. Such as: upcoming appointments, birthdays, and holidays. memory. User profile is set based on time of day and interaction with Google Assistant. In the morning, the user is presented with maps of weather, travel, tasks, and top news.

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