Google hidden dinosaur game is getting a big update
Google hidden dinosaur game is getting a big update

After internet disconnected, Chrome browser users will see the updated Google Dinosaur Runner with a variety of dinosaur weapons.

Users can play a modified version of the game "Dinosaur Sword" jointly developed by MSCHF and Theives 100 through their website, which features an array of weapons for the T-Rex. Weapons are associated with various keys that the player can use.

"Google Dino is the last remnant of the golden age of addiction and mini-slide games," said Daniel Greenberg, chief strategy officer at The Verge MSCHF.

In fact, this is what a dino looks like. The revised update is similar to a classic browser game, in which flash mini-games dominated browser games.

Matthew Haug, owner and CEO of 100 Thieves, said, "Dino Swords is our way to play and bring the classic Chrome Dinosaur Runner to life with 26 weapons to aid in the run." He added, "A lot of people have praised it. Some classic video game weapons are completely dominant and some are completely unnecessary."

On the other hand, the two new devices of the company, which are linked to Google, are in the FCC documents. As the report notes, it appears to be tied to the new Android TV product, which has reportedly been in development for a while. time.

If this is true, new documents show that Google is finally ready to release the product soon. For devices with wireless capabilities that are listed in the United States, they must be specifically approved by the Federal Communications Commission.

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