Google is testing a feature that you'll see as a celebrity in search results
Google is testing a feature that you'll see as a celebrity in search results

Google is currently testing a new system that allows users to create a public profile known as a "Personal Business Card". With this system, users can create their own profile, for example b. Their work, links to social media platforms, short resumes, etc. wait.

The difference between (people cards) that contain information about users is that they appear in search results directly from Google. This is similar to how celebrities and companies appear in search results. Google has begun testing the new card in English only in India.

To set up a new card, users only need to search for a term when logging into their Google account (please add my search). Google will move it from there to a new page so that the map can be created.

Some fields are required, for example: Name, Job, Place, and CV. However, users can also add information about their education, place of birth, links to websites and other social media, and even email addresses. Mail messages and phone numbers.

However, it is believed that such a system would allow anyone to generate results that would appear when performing a search on Google for the hundreds of millions of customers who rely on the service on a daily basis due to the high potential for misuse due to trolls or harassment. It's easy to create fake cards that will pop up every time you search. They include a person in their username or use their personal card to provide sensitive information such as an address, email address, or phone number.

To this end, the company said it has "multiple mechanisms" in place to prevent harassment and abuse of the human card system. Only one person card can be created per Google account. The account must be authenticated with a phone number before the card can be created. Google allows users to report cards containing incorrect information or fraudsters, and users can remove or change their cards at any time.

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