Google launches Kids Space to make Android tablets suitable for children
Google launches Kids Space to make Android tablets suitable for children

Google announced today, Monday, the launch of Google Kids Space, a new mode for kids on select Android tablets. Its mission is to provide apps, books and videos to children.

The US tech giant said on a blog: “Parents tell us that they have worked hard to solve technical problems in their children's lives. This is especially true for many families who spend more time at home. But children are natural explorers, and when given rich content they can Be a magical experience - they can read information about their favorite dinosaurs, watch food preparation videos, or discover new things. New hobbies. "

Google built Family Link into its core product. From setting screen time limits to content security filters, privacy controls and more, it gives parents the tools they need to keep interacting and helps them manage the online experience. Of their children.

The company added, “However, we have heard that parents not only need parental control, they need more. Since the content is so broad, they also need help finding things. To meet this need, we introduced the first Kids tab in Google Play Store, through which parents can easily find and select approved apps by “From. Educators” for their children.

Today, the company launched Google Kids Space, a new model for children on some Android tablets that includes apps, books and videos that children can explore, learn and enjoy. Kids Space is used on select Lenovo tablets worldwide, including the previously announced Lenovo Smart Tab M10 HD computer. This mode will soon be used on other Android tablets.

Google stated that the design of the children's room is child-centered with the aim of making them discover their favorite things. By choosing their interests, children see new and interesting content for reading, entertainment and creativity. Kids can even personalize their experience by creating their own personality.

By working with major publishers, the company said, popular children's books are made available for free, and there are now more than 400 free books in the United States alone. Kids' Watch & Create tab lets kids watch creative and fun YouTube videos for kids to encourage off-screen activities.

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