Google makes it possible to visualize ancient creatures in augmented reality
Google makes it possible to visualize ancient creatures in augmented reality

Google announced that it will use augmented reality technology in arts and culture applications to see many ancient creatures and historical artifacts.

If you don't want to visit the Darwin State Museum in Moscow but want to take a closer look at ancient crustaceans from your living room, you have a chance.

You can also take a closer look at the Apollo 11 Command Module or Astronaut Neil Armstrong suit.

The announcement came when the Coronavirus forced it to close and several museums around the world began to open.

However, in the near future, health and safety measures will mean that many measures will remain difficult to achieve.

Even with a 25.2-meter blue whale skeleton hanging from the ceiling of the Natural History Museum in London, augmented reality is enough to satisfy your sense of awe.

Other exhibits include ancient prehistoric creatures such as Aegirocassis (Aegirocassis) and pre-Inca statues from 500 BC.

Paintings can also be viewed in augmented reality, for example the Frida Kahlo portrait or the Kisses Painting by Gustav Klimt.

The Google Art & Culture app displays galleries known for their artistic and historical functions. Over the years, the app has seen some changes in the field of artificial intelligence. For example, in 2018, Google introduced a feature that allows you to match your selfies with popular selfies.

Google recently added a photo filter feature that allows you to edit photos in the famous painter style.

In addition to museum galleries, Google has also added augmented reality elements to the search results. Since the conference (Google I / O 2019), the company has made many 3D animals available for viewing and recently expanded their range. Products. Here are dinosaurs and insects.

The Google post did not mention the equipment required to display the museum's latest exhibits via augmented reality. However, the previous augmented reality feature required an Android device that supports ARCore, or an iPhone or iPhone iPad with iOS 11 and later.

You can find AR galleries in the Arts & Culture app by searching for “AR” and then clicking the “View” button on the AR supported gallery page.

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