Google Maps has been updated with the most accurate street detail
Google Maps has been updated with the most accurate street detail

On Tuesday, Google Maps received an important update that should bring more detail and accuracy. The changes include natural features of the site and city scale details.

With regard to the natural features of the site, Google said: It uses computer vision technology to analyze the natural characteristics of the satellite images and then encode these features in color for easy reference. At the same time, certain cities like New York, San Francisco and London receive more detailed information about the streets, for example the location of sidewalks, sidewalks and traffic islands.

These new features will help people walk better or use alternative means of personal mobility around the city, such as: b- Bicycles and human beings, some of which were chosen during the Corona outbreak. Supported cities also display the exact shape and width of streets that are scaled to provide a more accurate understanding of street width and width (relative to its perimeter).

While the other detailed information does not include additional functions like cutting sidewalks, Google said: Detailed zebra crossings on the map aid in the terrain. The company also indicated that its current map shows wheelchair-accessible routes in the "buses and wheelchairs" feature on the company's page.

These new city maps aren't immediately displayed in Google Maps, but say: The new maps will be published "in the coming months" in New York, San Francisco and London. The company noted that after the first three cities have been upgraded, more detailed maps of other cities, including cities outside the United States, should be released.

Google uses color mapping technology to determine natural features from satellite images, especially in arid regions, urban areas, forests and mountains. Then assign colors to these functions in the HSV color model. Example: Dense woods are now shown in dark green and irregular shrubs in light green. Users can distinguish between beaches and green spaces, know the beginning and end of deserts, find out areas covered by ice caps, find out where snow-capped mountains appear, or see national park borders more easily.

These changes affect the 220 countries and territories supported by Google Maps, and cover more than 100 million square kilometers of land, from large cities to rural areas to small towns. Google said: Updates will be released for Android, iOS and desktop computers in the coming months.

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