Google Maps update makes saved bookmarks more useful
Google Maps update makes saved bookmarks more useful

If you use Google Maps frequently, travel, visit restaurant hotspots, or just want to view maps and locations, you can also use your saved bookmarks frequently.

Although we cannot start anytime soon, it is time to organize what you have saved in the Google Maps app as Google has released an update to the Maps app that saves the game. More helpful, especially if you want to accept our suggestion to arrange all the places to organize, you can start planning the visit soon.

Changes made to the (saved) name in Google Maps help you sort and organize places already saved there, especially if you've saved a lot of places. Before that, you could save and organize them by (favorites) or (want) or ("favorite places") or create a list just for you, but if I really forgot where I registered from, what should I do if I could recommend it to a friend? You can now find your last saved location under the 'Saved' tab.

If you have enabled location permissions, you will receive a notification when you are near any of your saved places because the saved places near you are organized by distance and in a circle. So if you choose to do so, it will be easier to decide on nearby restaurants or attractions. Of course, not everyone wants to open translation permissions. Hence, using the Google Maps functionality can benefit some (or more) users.

If you have also activated location history settings, you can view the places visited and the path covered in the timeline. Now, if you want to save recently visited places, it is easiest to add them to your saved bookmarks in Google Maps (that's what organizes ideas). It depends on the time of day, city, region or country. So when you run a location log, you can restore the memory of the last flight before the pandemic.

You can update Google Maps to the latest version to ensure you have these new features. Hopefully, we can add more sites to the (saved) tab as soon as we can browse safely.

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