Google officially announces the launch of the Nearby Share file service
Google officially announces the launch of the Nearby Share file service

After years of development and months of testing, Google announced today (Tuesday) the launch of the "Share Nearby" service.
"The Android community was looking for a way to quickly share content across devices," the American tech giant said in an article. "After years of development, Android (proximity sharing) has started. The platform allows easy and reliable sharing between thousands of Android phone models and billions of users."

Google added: Proximity Sharing applies to all Android phones running 6.0 and later in order to enhance the immediate sharing of files, links, images and other content with neighbors and take advantage of all of this to protect confidentiality.

With this new service, users can shorten their time with a few mouse clicks and then view a list of nearby devices through which they can share content. After selecting the recipient, they receive a notification that they can accept or reject the file. Next, the service automatically determines the best protocol to accelerate the sharing speed, whether via Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, WebRTC or Wi-Fi networks, so that users can share files without an internet connection.

Google confirms that the Near Sharing service is confidential because it can share and receive files without worrying about contact information. Because the service enables the recipient and the sender to exchange files anonymously. With Quick Phone Settings, users can choose whether they are visible to specific contacts or if they are visible to all contacts.

Google said: The service will be used with computers (Chrome Books) in the coming months to achieve file sharing between Android phones and computer operating systems (Chrome OS).

this is; As of today, some Google (Pixel) and Samsung phones will be the first to activate (post-mail) functionality. Google will continue to work with partners in the coming weeks to apply technology to other Android smartphones.

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