Google sells ethical advice to AI companies
Google sells ethical advice to AI companies

Google is developing an ethics consulting service for companies developing AI solutions.

To avoid managing its digital infrastructure, the company pays huge sums to cloud computing providers like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

Google's cloud computing service will soon require customers to outsource the more unrealistic things of processors and drives, right or wrong, with artificial intelligence.

According to an article in Wired magazine, the company plans to launch an ethical counseling service before the end of this year.

As a first step, Google should suggest other tasks, for example detecting racial biases in computer vision systems or developing ethical guidelines as a guide for AI projects.

In the long term, the company can provide audit services to ensure the ethical integrity of clients' AI systems and bills of ethical advice.

With the launch of this new service, the search giant is trying to test whether a profitable industry can boost its business through ethical advice.

The company ranks third in the cloud computing market after Amazon and Microsoft and places its expertise in artificial intelligence as a competitive advantage.

If the new Plan as a service plan is successful, a new term (EaaS) similar to Ethics as a Service (EaaS) may appear.

Google struggled to learn some AI ethics courses because it apologized in 2015 and banned its app (pictured) from discovering gorillas after users reported that the service applied this classification to pictures of their black friends.

In 2018, thousands of employees of the search giant protested a Pentagon contract called Maven, which used the company's technology to analyze surveillance footage from drones.

Shortly thereafter, the company released a set of ethical principles for using its AI technology, saying it would no longer compete for similar projects but did not involve any work from defense.

That same year, Google admitted testing a version of its search engine that was compatible with China's authoritarian censorship regime. Google said there would be no facial recognition technology like Microsoft and Amazon due to the risk of abuse.

The service may include training on topics such as uncovering ethical issues in an AI system (similar to what Google employees do) and drafting and implementing ethical codes on issues related to IA).

Google can focus on deviations of its algorithm to create open source software. Reverse bias and undistorted algorithms.

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