Huawei fears that it will be banned from 5G networks in another European country
Huawei fears that it will be banned from 5G networks in another European country

China's Huawei said on Wednesday that Poland's plan to assess risks posed by telecoms equipment suppliers is political and could be designed to exclude them from developing the country's 5G network.

The United States stated that China could use Huawei devices for espionage purposes. Huawei and Beijing both denied the allegation and urged their allies to ban the company.

Poland published a cybersecurity law on Tuesday giving interested parties 14 days to comment. The law provides for suppliers to be divided into four categories based on their potential threat to Polish cybersecurity based on the following criteria: Suppliers are affected by countries outside the European Union, NATO or their home countries. The original respects human rights.

"The proposed criteria are ... political, incalculable, vague and subjective," Ryszard Hordinsky, director of strategy and communications (Huawei in Poland) told Reuters. He added: "Since there are 3 5G service providers in Poland, if we look at what is not politically appropriate, we may be able to discuss our business, but hopefully it will not happen."

The bill states that telecom operators will not be able to purchase new equipment from a supplier whose equipment is classified as "high risk" and will have to replace the supplier's existing equipment in the future. For five years. Only new equipment is allowed for medium risk suppliers.

Dominic Nyssix, DM Analyst at Trigon, said in a report, “Huawei is likely to be listed as a medium risk seller, which means that the operators cannot purchase new materials from them, but they do not have to replace 4G devices.

(Play) Play - a Polish mobile operator whose network relies heavily on Huawei devices - and Cyfrowy Polsat: They have to analyze the project before they can comment on it.

Orange Polska criticized the proposed deadlines for shutting down infrastructure, saying: They are much shorter than in other countries.

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