Huawei has officially released the latest EMUI 11 user interface
Huawei has officially released the latest EMUI 11 user interface

Huawei announced a new version of EMUI 11 for smartphones and tablets today at its developer conference on Thursday.

Although there is number 11 in the new user interface, it is not dependent on the new OS from Google. Android 11. However, there were some visual changes, graphics, new functions, and internal improvements.

One of the most important features of EMUI 11 is the support for multiple split windows and screens. There is now a special gesture to show the Smart Multi-Window sidebar, which can be viewed with any application or menu.

In addition to the always-on animated screen, the always-on display also provides new customization options, including new styles. There is also the option to select an image from the gallery so that the system can convert it into a suitable canvas.

Huawei has improved graphics that appear when switching between menus. Used for screens with a high refresh rate. The multi-screen collaboration feature in version 3.0 becomes part of EMUI 11. When synchronizing Huawei phones with the company's MateBook computer, users can control up to three Android applications from a single PC. This function is similar to the (Your Phone) app on Microsoft and Samsung phones.

Since the system can display the permission icons used by background apps, the system apps and the way they handle permissions have also been improved. For example, the microphone or camera icon is displayed in the status bar.

The company said: The new EMUI 11 UI will be installed first on all new Huawei phones and will be applicable to (Huawei P40) Huawei P40 and (Huawei Mate 30) Huawei Mate 30 soon.

It should be noted that the user interface, which is based on the new Android 11 operating system, will be delayed as the United States continues to impose sanctions on Huawei.

During today's meeting, Huawei also announced two new laptops: (MateBook X) and (MateBook 14) MateBook 14.

Huawei announced the MateBook X computer for the Chinese market in August last year. However, the version released today is targeting the global market and will be launched from Europe.

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