IBM introduced the latest processor with Samsung help
IBM introduced the latest processor with Samsung help

IBM announced the latest processors (Power10) for data centers at this year's Hot Chips Conference.

This processor is the successor to the Power9 processor and represents the next generation of the company's family of processors.

IBM claims the Power10 is three times more efficient than previous processors while providing more load capacity.

The company said: The chip (Power10) is made by Samsung and is intended for use by data center companies.

The Power10 was developed for five years and is known to be the company's first commercial processor (IBM) made with Samsung's 7nm technology.

IBM and AMD are using third-party chip manufacturers to compete with Intel (the latter being the main chip maker for data centers) and one of the few internal design and manufacturing companies.

Finally, Intel said: Next-generation manufacturing technology faces delays that analysts say will allow competitors to capture market share.

IBM, Samsung and other members of the IBM Research Alliance invested $ 3 billion in research and development funds in 2015 to produce the first batch of test chips.

Power10 not only saves electricity but also provides hardware storage encryption. Thanks to improvements such as a new AES kernel and support for symmetric encryption technology, the encryption speed has been increased by 40%.

The Power10 is also designed to provide improved hardware protection and isolation through its firmware.

IBM has long focused on high-performance computing systems, and three of the top ten supercomputers in the world use their chips.

The company said: The chip (Power10) is designed to be faster than its predecessor in artificial intelligence calculation tasks because its execution speed is 20 times faster than the previous generation chip.

As with previous Power processors, the Power10 can be licensed and modified by more than 250 members of the OpenPower organization including Google and Nvidia.

At its 2016 Hot Chip Conference, IBM announced its latest line of Power9 performance processors.

Unlike the Power10, the Power9 is manufactured using 14nm technology and contains 12 and 24 base versions.

The Summit supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory of the US Department of Energy is one of the fastest supercomputers in the world. It is based on Power9 with Nvidia Tesla GPU.

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