IPhone 12 comes without accessories and is more expensive than iPhone 11
IPhone 12 comes without accessories and is more expensive than iPhone 11

A new report released this week by TrendForce analysts confirmed that there are reports that the iPhone 12 will ship without accessories such as cables (EarPods) and power adapters. The report also talked about Apple's pricing plans for its phones.

(TrendForce) has several other reports and recommends Apple to leave the iPhone 12 box without charger and EarPods when it leaves the factory, as did (Ming-Chi Kuo) and other analysts reporting and suggest (Kuo) Apple will sell the 20W power supply separately.

The report also offers suggestions on Apple's potential pricing strategy for the iPhone 12.
  • iPhone 12: $ 699 to $ 749.
  • iPhone12 Max: Price ranges from $ 799 to $ 849.
  • iPhone12 Pro: Price ranges from $ 1049 to $ 1099.
  • iPhone12Pro Max: Price between $ 1,149 and $ 1,199.
If the trend direction is correct, then these prices represent an increase in the price of the iPhone 12 versus the iPhone 11 year after year, and previous reports have indicated this possibility since the components of the 5G networks are more expensive. Apple has made various efforts to keep prices low.

In fact, (Ming-Chi Kuo) said that Apple has no plans to increase the price of its upcoming consumer phones, which indicates that the price of the iPhone 12 will be similar to that of the iPhone. 11.

Most importantly, Apple is generally very good at keeping pricing information secret prior to the phones launch, and even based on conversations in the supply chain, analysts expect. Phone prices are often wrong. Or only partially true.

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