Microsoft condemns Apple's app store policy
Microsoft condemns Apple's app store policy

Microsoft has condemned Apple's app store policy and criticized the software giant iPhone's strict restrictions on developers and its stance on unapproved cloud gaming apps (the app store) for blatant violations of its policies.

In a statement, a Microsoft spokesman said: Apple is the only public platform that prevents consumers from using cloud games and gaming subscription services (Xbox Game Pass).

Apple has made clear its controversial position that services like Microsoft (xCloud) and Google (Stadia) are not allowed to compete in the App Store. Because the company cannot review the individual games available on the cloud platform.

There are several other policies (App Store) that prohibit entry from cloud services (iOS), unless it is designed to look more like a remote desktop program.

Microsoft said: Apple is denying consumers the benefits of this technology by unfairly enforcing business rules.

Microsoft has also accused Apple of being unfair with gaming apps and allowing other media services to appear on the platform. Although it contains interactive content, this signal appears to be related to Netflix's ingestion of interactive, adventure-like programming (Black Mirror: Bandersnatch).

A Microsoft spokesperson said: Our testing phase for the iOS (Project xCloud) preview app has ended. Unfortunately, we have no way to use the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (iOS) player on Xbox through the Apple App Store to fulfill our cloud vision, The Vision of the Game.

Microsoft also claims that Apple continues to manage gaming apps in various ways, and is offering more flexible rules for non-gaming apps, even if they contain interactive content.

Microsoft said it plans to offer subscriptions (xCloud) and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on devices (iOS) and (ESRB) said that there is evidence that Apple can use external content ratings to determine its need (iOS) to allow the use of cloud gaming applications. ).

Microsoft said: All games available on the Xbox Game Pass content list have been rated by independent industry rating agencies (such as (ESRB)) and we believe the rating should be adequate instead of Apple implementing it. His own instructions for everyone. Toy.

She added, “(Xbox Game Pass Ultimate) has access to over 100 games. We are committed to finding a way to bring cloud games to the (iOS) platform with (Xbox Game Pass Ultimate). "" End.

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