Microsoft launched the transcription feature for Word for the web
Microsoft launched the transcription feature for Word for the web

On Tuesday, Microsoft added the Copy Word feature to the Word for the web app. The "Written to Word" option appears on the web version (Word) for Microsoft Word 365 subscribers and provides an easier way to automatically transcribe audio.

Microsoft supports existing audio files and can also record conversations live (Word on the web) and transcribe them automatically internally. After transcribing the conversation, Microsoft's AI will separate each speaker and divide the conversation into chunks that are easy to edit, modify, and paste into Word documents. The copy function also supports audio or video files that users will use anywhere else and supports up to 200MB of MP3, WAV, M4A or MP4 files.

Of course, if the user downloads a separate audio clip, the processing time will vary greatly. However, if the functionality is tested in a recording session and the user registers in (Word) itself, the copying process will take a few seconds.

The audio transcription records every sound on a computer. This means that users can use this feature to record videos during meetings, calls, or YouTube. Word can also record audio from your computer's microphone. Microsoft's audience is the journalists who record interviews, students record speeches, and anyone else who simply needs to transcribe content for meetings and calls.

Microsoft initially released the audio transcription feature for the app (Word for the web) and plans to roll this feature into the app (Word) later this year on Android and iOS. Additionally, English is the only language currently supported. However, as Microsoft introduces other languages ​​to support transcription, it is expected that the new features will be expanded to include additional languages ​​soon.

According to reports, this new feature is only available to Microsoft 365 subscribers. However, there are up to 5 hours per month for downloading audio from the device, and there is currently no way to extend the copy time. There are no restrictions on internal transcription of recorded audio (applies to Word network).

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