Microsoft offers its open source projects
Microsoft offers its open source projects

Microsoft created a new website built on open source technology to show how to support open source and provide customers with choice, technology, and community.

The software giant, led by CEO Satya Nadella, has done a lot to shake off the previous war image of Linux and open source software communities.

With the Linux kernel (GitHub) for Windows 10, new Android devices (Surface Duo) and the commercial cloud as their main source of income, Microsoft is fundamentally different from what it was 30 years ago. Microsoft fears that open source software could devour its intellectual property and revenue 30 years ago.

Today the company has a growing number of open source projects including the popular Visual Studio code editor, .NET Core, JavaScript-based TypeScript language, and Windows developer tools. New open source like: (PowerToys) and (Windows Terminal).

According to the company, more than 35,000 engineers at the company use GitHub Enterprise Cloud to host Microsoft open source projects, samples, and official documents.

The site also describes the impact of Team 1ES on Microsoft's open source software. A team of nearly 200 employees wants to improve Microsoft's technology processes and then deliver these tools and processes to the customer. Like the default file system (Git).

Jeff Wilcox, a software engineer at Microsoft Open Source Software Office, announced the new site, noting that it was created by the Open Source Jekyll project that runs the GitHub page.

The site also features Microsoft's Free and Open Source Software Fund (FOSS Fund), which company employees can use collaboratively to select open source projects for a total sponsorship award of $ 10,000. The year.

Microsoft said: Engineers choose the projects they are interested in, and only employees who contribute to open source projects can participate in the selection process.

Earlier this month, Google showed its contribution to open source software, and found that about 12,500 Google employees are dedicated to writing and modifying public code.

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