OnePlus adds unwanted Facebook services
OnePlus adds unwanted Facebook services

The Chinese company OnePlus has started downloading Facebook services and apps that cannot be completely uninstalled from its latest smartphones, and the Chinese company will not stop downloading anytime soon.

Bloatware - malware found in new manufacturers phones - is very common in the Android world, especially on Samsung and Huawei phones.

OnePlus is often praised for its absence, but this situation is slowly changing due to the launch of (OnePlus 8) and (OnePlus 8 Pro) earlier this year. It appears that OnePlus originally installed Facebook on its smartphones.

Recently, this issue was especially serious when a Twitter user posted frustration about the Facebook app manager who installed the Instagram app on his phone (OnePlus 8 Pro).

Facebook and Instagram are the two most popular social apps in the world, so not many users noticed that they were originally installed on these smartphones.

Speaking to Android Police, OnePlus confirmed that an agreement has been reached to include Facebook service, Facebook app installer and Facebook app manager in its latest smartphones (OnePlus 8), (OnePlus 8 Pro) and (OnePlus North). System apps are included.

The Chinese company said that with the initial installation of these Facebook services, the main Facebook app and apps like Messenger (also pre-installed) will use less battery while increasing efficiency.

This method does not permanently install Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or other Facebook apps on the device, but it can be freely uninstalled, but background services cannot be uninstalled.

Essential services (installer and application manager) remain installed as system applications that cannot be removed and can only be deactivated.

OnePlus has confirmed that this practice will continue in future smartphone releases in North America, India and Europe, excluding China.

After installing and activating these apps, you may find that Facebook app updates can be done through the service instead of through the Google Play Store.

You may also find that these services use a small amount of data even when you are not using it. This is troubling because you don't know which data is being shared with Facebook.

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