PUBG Mobile started a $ 2 million tournament
PUBG Mobile started a $ 2 million tournament

The mobile version of PUBG has received a new update that brings timely performance improvements and other benefits to the $ 2 million esports tournament that starts in November.

Although the game's popularity has diminished on gaming platforms and computers due to the competition, the mobile version of the game is still considered one of the biggest and most successful games in the world.

The PUBG Mobile team, which is part of the Chinese tech and game giant Tencent, announced that the update will be released on September 8th.

The refresh results in an increase in frame rate of 30% and reduced latency by 76%, depending on the type of device used.

The game also received a number of visual and design fixes, including improvements to the home screen, and an overhaul of skydiving, running, and other in-game actions.

In a press release, the team said: Every time the movie is shot, the smoke, puffs of air, lightning and interactions within range are more realistic.

He added, "The improvement in the lighting system and the quality of the texture has brought the plants, sky and water back to life, and the model has also been improved to provide a more realistic feel and atmosphere."

Starting in November, PUBG Mobile's sports division will host the World Combined Championship and World Championship (PUBG Mobile), which will be attended by professionals from America and Europe. From South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Athlete. Compete with China for $ 2 million in prizes.

The team said: Due to the global pandemic, it may not be possible to attract viewers to the PUBG Mobile World Cup. However, if confirmed, the league would be competing against each other in multiple studios. End of november.

According to the analytics company (Sensor Tower), (PUBG Mobile) has been one of the most successful games in the world since its launch in 2018, surpassing the original PC version with sales of $ 1.3 billion last year.

The game now has more than 600 million downloads and 50 million active players. These figures exclude China, where the new game "Peace Game" has reportedly been redesigned to meet the game's requirements. Chinese strict censorship and content laws. For Peace) has 150 million players. Additional activities.

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