Qualcomm urges the US government to sell chips to Huawei
Qualcomm urges the US government to sell chips to Huawei

The Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday that US chip maker Qualcomm has called on the US government to lift restrictions on sales of Huawei components after the United States blacklisted the company.

According to the report, citing Qualcomm's offer, Qualcomm is pushing to sell the Huawei chips that the company will use in its 5G mobile phones.

According to the report, with these limitations, the US offers Qualcomm competitors abroad a market value of $ 8 billion annually.

It should be noted that Qualcomm settled its licensing dispute with Huawei last month. According to the agreement, Huawei will pay Qualcomm $ 1.8 billion in compensation in the fourth quarter of this fiscal year.

The Wall Street Journal report matches the report of the Chinese financial magazine Caixin. There are reports that Huawei will stop producing Kirin processors next month as the US puts increasing pressure on Chinese tech giants.

(Richard Yu) - Managing Director of Huawei Consumer Business: US pressure on Huawei suppliers is making it impossible to realize the company's HiSilicon processor division. Keep making the major processors and components for smartphones.

In the face of the worst deterioration in Sino-US relations in decades, Washington is calling on governments around the world to pressure Huawei under the pretext of reporting the espionage allegations to the Chinese government. Huawei has refused to engage in espionage activities on behalf of China. The US is also trying to get Canada to extradite Huawei CFO (Ming Wanju) on charges of bank fraud.

In May 2019, the US Department of Commerce issued an order prohibiting software and manufacturing equipment suppliers from doing business with Huawei without a license.

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