Report: Microsoft wants to buy all of Tik Tok's global business
Report: Microsoft wants to buy all of Tik Tok's global business

Microsoft is targeting a deal to acquire all of TikTok's worldwide business, according to Thursday's Financial Times report.

However, a source close to the discussion told Reuters that Microsoft had not increased its ability to purchase Tick Talk business in its negotiations with the Chinese company ByteDance.

Microsoft said: It is trying to buy Tic-Tac assets in North America, Australia and New Zealand. She did not reveal how much she was willing to pay, although a source told Reuters that ByteDance executives valued TikTok at more than $ 50 billion.

The company is considering adding India and Europe to the deal, according to a report in the Financial Times. The newspaper quoted a source in India (ByteDance) as saying that it had reached an "unresolved deal" with Microsoft (TikTok India), but it failed.

TikTok will complete the expiration date of its US business in the US or US embargo by September 15th.

It's worth noting that the Financial Times report was only released on the second day after Apple announced that it would not acquire TikTok, despite news reports about Axios claiming that the company was a potential buyer of the social network.

Apple has made it clear that it is not currently negotiating the acquisition of TikTok and does not intend to complete this deal.

Trump said last week that he plans to block the TikTok app due to concerns that his Chinese properties pose a national security risk due to the processing of personal data.

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