Retailers have formed an alliance to combat counterfeits on Amazon
Retailers have formed an alliance to combat counterfeits on Amazon

More than a dozen trade organizations have formed a new alliance to compel e-commerce companies like Amazon to escalate crackdowns against the stolen or counterfeit goods sold on their platforms.

Industry associations representing stores like Wal-Mart, Target and Best Buy joined with other companies Friday to announce the creation of the Buy Safe America Alliance to support laws that require digital markets to review information about outside retailers.

It is believed that the pressure from retailers will only increase control over the role of companies like Amazon and eBay in selling imitation bikes to the world (jeans). US lawmakers, presidents (Donald Trump) and companies are looking for ways to curb the spread of counterfeit products online.

The goal is to "continue to educate lawmakers and the Washington state government about products that are being counterfeited and stolen," said Michael Hansen, senior executive vice president of public affairs for the Pioneer Retail Association and founding member of the coalition. He added, "Because of this epidemic, more and more people are shopping via the Internet and it seems that the situation is getting worse."

The New Alliance was joined by the Toy Association, the American Apparel and Footwear Association, the Fashion, Jewelry and Accessories Industry Association, and other industry associations.

A spokesman for Amazon said in a statement that the company "has developed many ways in which sellers can share more information about their business with customers."

Amazon and Apple have acknowledged the possibility of selling counterfeit products on their platforms, but said they will invest in tools to identify counterfeit products and help law enforcement investigate fraudulent sellers. . Amazon announced last July that it will begin displaying the names and addresses of commercial sellers on its profile pages beginning September 1.

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