Review 6dot Braille Label Maker
 6dot Braille Label Maker

The feature-rich design of this 6-point braille cursor has everything you need to create high-quality braille stickers in any language. The ergonomic 6-point design is sturdy yet simple and can be used easily for children and adults. Throw it in your pocket, take it with you and start recording. Compact fit - does not require scissors. The plastic cover is easy to remove, just peel the sticker off the end of the sticker! Power steering reaction button: Even the lightest key on the keyboard can produce impressive results. Battery operated, you can move from room to room without plugging in. Comfortable weight 1 pound, soft plastic shell, comfortable to hold, high quality braille display, advanced 6 point electronic label printer system that can create an elevated braille display instantly. Reward yourself with clear and vibrant stickers to help you find the items you need, faster. Multilingual use of 6-point marker tool to print labels in any 6-point braille compatible language and don't forget that 6-point math and music symbol designers can print these codes too. The compact size and light design of the 6 point machine facilitate easy portability. The battery allows you to bring 6 more points from the kitchen to the office to the garage without worrying about cables and connections.

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