Review AmazonBasics 3-Button USB Wired Computer Mouse
AmazonBasics 3-Button USB Wired Computer Mouse

very easy
All basic mouse functions are ergonomically designed and suitable for left-handed people.

Just plug the power cord into your computer's USB port and you are good to go.

Fluid movement

With or without the mouse pad, the mouse can be moved easily for accurate optical tracking. Use the scroll wheel for fast, accurate tracking and just work.

  • The 3-button optical USB mouse is flexible, accurate and inexpensive
  • High-resolution optical tracking (1000 dpi) enables fast and responsive cursor control for accurate tracking and easy text recognition
  • The 3-button wired mouse measures 4.92 feet (1.5 meters) and the cable is 4.3 "" x 2.4 "x 1.35"
  • Suitable for Windows and Mac OS (Please note that the supplied port is USB-A. If your device only supports USB-C, you will need an additional adapter.)
  • Plug and use
  • 30 Packs, FFP Certified

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