Review AOC C32G2 FHD Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor
AOC C32G2 FHD Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor

AOC C32G2 32 '' Infinity FHD Curved Gaming Monitor, 1500R Curved VA, 1ms, 165Hz, FreeSync, Height Adjustable, 3-Year Warranty, Blank Frame, Black

AOC C32G2 is unique. It delivers an extremely fast 1ms response time (MPRT) and 165Hz refresh rate in a stylish fighter suitable for people who need speed and quality. Incomparable image.

165 Hz, 1 ms:
A 165Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time (MPRT) give your favorite games unprecedented smoothness and fluidity and can interact almost instantly with the actions of a mouse and keyboard.

Crazy immersive experience:
The 1500R's ultra-curved design surrounds your peripheral vision, putting you in the center of the action and providing an immersive gaming experience.

AMD FreeSync:
AMD FreeSync technology can synchronize computer screen and AMD GPU, avoid screen cracks, glitches and input lags, for a smoother, faster and more visually impressive gaming experience.

Fashion design from nearly every angle:

The frameless three-sided design and IPS panel can be viewed from almost any angle, forming an elegant display with vivid and even color and high resolution and contrast.

Practical support:
The height of the corresponding stand can be adjusted to give each user the best viewing angle for long-term gaming activities and accounts, to achieve maximum comfort. The monitor is also VESA compatible, so you can upgrade to other mounting solutions you like.

Low entry delay:
AOC's low input delay mode bypasses other image processing to allow the video signal to be displayed without delay, giving the player an advantage over the opponent.

Where size meets performance
The C32G2 has a fast refresh rate of 165Hz and a response time of 1ms. It is a screen specially designed for gaming. Not only does this display support high-end games, but it also provides an immersive experience thanks to its 32 inch curved screen. For those who enjoy gaming and want the best screen, this is perfect.

Fast refresh rate
Set twice the frame rate of other monitors and say goodbye to stuttering and motion blur. The refresh rate is 165Hz and each image is displayed clearly and smoothly, so you can accurately and smoothly organize recording and enjoy the glory of high-speed racing.

The VA board can achieve the optimum width
VA displays use the latest technology to give you an ultra-wide viewing angle of 178 degrees, so you can see the screen from almost any angle. The VA panel in the C32G2 provides vivid color and images that display over 123.3% of the sRGB profile. Not only can AOC C32G2 perform game tasks but it can also be used at any time.
Review AOC C32G2 FHD Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor
AOC C32G2 FHD Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor

Fast reaction time
A response time of 1ms means the speed is distortion-free, which improves the experience. Swift movements and dramatic transitions are rendered smoothly without shadow effects.

Height adjustable stand
The ability to adjust screen height is essential for gamers. You can also rotate, move and tilt the screen and Vesa can be installed. These controls allow you to play games in a comfortable, personalized way.

Fluid game
AMD FreeSync Premium technology ensures that the GPU and screen refresh rates are in sync, providing a smooth, lag-free gaming experience with the best performance. AMD FreeSync Premium has a minimum refresh rate of 120Hz, which reduces blur and sharpens the picture for a more realistic experience. When the frame rate is lower than the refresh rate, the LFC function eliminates the risk of clogging.

An overwhelming feeling
The 1500R's stiffly curved panel surrounds your field of vision and puts you in the center of the action. The curved design enhances and assists gameplay

  • AOC G2 Series 32 inch gaming monitor with VA panel, FHD 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • The 1500R curved screen puts you in the center of the action and provides an immersive gaming experience
  • Fast and intelligent 1ms response time (MPRT) and excellent 165Hz refresh rate can hit the moving target and direct you in fractions of a second
  • With AMD FreeSync Premium, competitive games run smoothly
  • Slim 3-sided bezel-less design, ultra-narrow bezels, and clear multi-display settings
  • Enjoy millions of vivid colors, sRGB color gamut coverage of over 123%, intelligent contrast ratio 80,000,000: 1 with deeper blacks and brighter colors, create photorealistic images
  • Reinstallation Warranty: 3 years without bright spots, 3 years before replacement, 1 year accident damage (one time)

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