Review AQP Full HD 1080P Dual Dash Cam Camera for Cars
AQP Full HD 1080P Dual Dash Cam Camera for Cars

AQP dual driving recorder, front and rear HD 1080p camera, dash camera with GPS and Wi-Fi, Sony sensor, 170 ° / 150 ° wide angle, 3 inch IPS screen, G sensor, WDR, cyclic recording

Two front and back cameras
The front camera 170 degrees HD 1080p and the rear camera 150 degrees HD 1080p can record the way in front and behind the cab for a crisp and clear video. Tachograph very suitable for taxis, travel sharing, night drivers, commuters and families

Powerful WIFI and GPS

With the built-in GPS recorder, you can set information on time, date, location and speed for all recordings without separate accessories (note: GPS detection speed can be switched if necessary, unit: km / mile).

Record episodes

The dash cam keeps recording to fill up the memory card. When the memory card becomes full, the oldest files are overwritten to make room for new recordings.

When the built-in G-SENSOR sensor detects a collision in the vehicle, the current video will be locked and recorded automatically to prevent the video being overwritten during the loop recording process, so that the accident scene can really be recovered.

The sound was recorded
The built-in microphone and loudspeaker can clearly capture the sound quality without distortion. Don't want to record audio? One click to turn off the microphone.
Review AQP Full HD 1080P Dual Dash Cam Camera for Cars
AQP Full HD 1080P Dual Dash Cam Camera for Cars

Parking attendant
You can start the driving recorder to record both front and rear view and coil lock as evidence to prevent thieves from getting into the vehicle or colliding.

Easy to install
This compact 3 '' driving recorder won't block your view and make you safer while you're driving.

Install reversing camera

The rear lens can be connected to position A / B and the red wire (C) can be connected to the positive pole of the reverse light.

Extra valuable and easy-to-use plugins
It comes with a full set of accessories that you can use right away. The installation is simple and convenient: open it, install it and operate it.

If you install the camera outside of Vehicle A, the high-quality reversing lens provides excellent waterproof performance. It is recommended that the reversing camera be installed outside the vehicle.

  • DASH DASH CAM 1080P: With the help of Sony IMX307 sensor, AQP dash cam records more details and license plates at 1920 x 1080p resolution at 30fps. Or, use the front camera only to capture the front view at 2880 x 2160 pixels at 24fps and license plate capture.
  • Built-in GPS and WI-FI connection: The fully functional AQP camera app can view in real time on social media, in real time when sharing photos and videos. With the GPS module, you can easily track location, direction, speed (precisely in km / h or mph), date and time on your computer.
  • Fault locking and loop recording: The built-in gravity sensor in the dashboard camera can automatically detect sudden vibrations / collisions and lock the lens, preventing overwriting of videos, even with repeated recordings. When starting the engine, the smooth-loop recording is activated automatically.
  • DASH CAM with Night Vision: Combined with an F1.4 6 large aperture glass lens and WDR large dynamic range, this dashboard camera can automatically increase exposure in dark situations to record clear videos. Taxis, car sharing, logistics drivers, passengers and families.
  • Aftermarket issues: Including 32G TF Card. All AQP customers have a one-year warranty.

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