Review Brady BMP41 Label Printer
Brady BMP41 Label Printer

The BMP41 Portable Label Printer is a mid-range portable label solution that can print up to 300 labels per day. In addition, it can print cut or continuous labels up to one inch wide. The printer is a durable device. No matter if the temperature is too high or too low, the job can be done anywhere you want it to. Additionally, they have additional protection features and can withstand drops up to 6 feet. The printer boasts an ergonomic design, long battery life, and handy features for mobile trading. BMP41 Label Maker is a registered trademark of Brady Worldwide, Inc.

BMP41 can perform all operations
A robust and portable label solution that gives you the versatility of cut-out labels and continuous templates in one printer.

Brady BMP41 Label Printer Specs
  • Quickly inserted ink cartridges snap into place for fast consumable replacement and automatic label formatting
  • Fast printing 1.3 inches per second
  • More than 100 poster sections in 11 articles
  • 3/4 "bushing and 1" wide continuous outlet
  • The industrial bumper, tested for durability, has a grip and stability so you can stay anywhere anytime
  • Integrated processor-like applications for cable IDs, cable tags, terminal blocks, terminal blocks, breaker boxes, and generic identifiers

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