Review Brady BMP71-SC-QC BMP71 Label Printer
Brady BMP71-SC-QC BMP71 Label Printer

BMP71 Label Printer is a portable printer that has a host of great features, label materials and design options. Need automatic 1/4 '' laminated wireframe labels or 2 '' wide tube vinyl stickers? The BMP71 Label Printer has a print speed of 1.5 inches per second, allowing you to create labels faster and more efficiently than ever before. Key features include a built-in poster design wizard, storage space for over 100,000 poster files, and a large, full color graphic screen that accurately shows the look of your poster. BMP71 Label Maker has more than 400 different label options that can be used in a variety of applications including workplace safety stickers, wire and cable stickers, patch panel stickers, die cut stickers, tags, stickers, arc flash stickers, stickers Workplace visibility, barcode labels, device IDs, box and shelf labels, 5S labels, system IDs, etc. FCC operates FCC certified large format thermal transfer printers. Print 1.5 inches per second. QWERTY keyboard layout style. With the touch screen embedded in the stickers and tape, the printer can format the stickers automatically, which is full-featured and compatible with the computer. For use with the Brady LabelMark poster design software; If you are not using Brady MarkWare Express poster and poster design software, please use sleep mode. Rechargeable battery. Provide a power source / charger. Sticker set installed. Label size and color. Region name and state, current font size and rotation. The amount of material left; Remaining battery power. Print multiple copies of the label file. Ease of loading supplies; Create posters with multiple regions. Barcode encoding, sequences, and over 500 graphs. Continuously supported materials / parts, large quantities, stock over 400 pieces. Print labels up to 5 cm wide on continuous labels. Print labels in batches or print multiple copies of a timestamped label for electronic labels, data labels, and built-in 200MB GPI processor.

Thousands of uses. Hundreds of labels. Label printer
Our most versatile portable printer. The best portable printer is easy to set up, has a robust poster and an intuitive user interface.
Review Brady BMP71-SC-QC BMP71 Label Printer
Brady BMP71-SC-QC BMP71 Label Printer

Get time
It has built-in design assistants for various applications such as electrical, voice / data communications, security, and global recognition.

The power of software
Expand the poster design function. Use Brady LabelMark or MarkWare software to create computer labels and print them to BMP71. You can also use the LabelMark Printer Management Utility Excel add-in to map the Excel data on your computer to a label file on the printer. Users can access these posters and print them on the site.

Reducing material waste
Large graphic display shows you in color: poster appearance, poster material and tape reference, poster color and size, residual material, tape, and battery life. the battery.

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