Review Brother PT-E105 P-Touch Edge Label Maker
Brother PT-E105 P-Touch Edge Label Maker

Good organization can make work easier. A poster maker is one of the most important things to keep an office or store from getting crowded. With P-Touch Edge, you can take this sticker with you and mark all the stickers you need quickly and easily. The large LCD screen lets you display large menus and is easy to navigate, and the intuitive button layout lets you select custom options with minimal keystrokes. To facilitate the use of spoken languages ​​other than English, multiple characters can be used in different languages. The built-in screenshot tool is easy to use and can be activated when writing by hand itself, in addition to the small size and ergonomics of the tool. Options are available that allow these pre-coated labels to easily wrap around wires or cables. This makes it an ideal tool for electricians, contractors, plumbers, and other trade professionals, as well as an ideal label printer for office workers. . Whatever you need, P-Touch Edge can do just that.

Brother PT-E105 P-Touch Edge Label Maker Specs
  • Convenient to Carry: This compact tool is easy to carry in a pocket or pocket, making it easy to use from the contractor's workplace to the home office. With multiple AAA batteries (not included), you can use it wherever you need it
  • Easy menu navigation: Reduce the number of keystrokes required to customize stickers with a well-organized menu system
  • 9 memory slots: Up to 9 most frequently used stickers can be saved to save time and energy for common tasks
  • One-hand cut: No scissors needed: After finishing the stickers to the desired length, simply press the cutter at the corner of the sticker to reveal the prepared stickers
  • Compatible Cartridge Sizes: P-Touch Edge supports the following HGe tape sizes: 6mm, 9mm, 12mm. Supports the following TZe tape sizes: Acid-Free 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 1/2 inch Tape (TZe-AF231, TZe-AF131) and 3.5mm Ultra Narrow Tape (TZe-) N201)

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