Review Brother PTD600 P-touch PC-Connectable Label Maker
Brother PTD600 P-touch PC-Connectable Label Maker

Brother P-Touch Label Maker, PC Label, PTD600, Color Display, PC HD Printing, Black, Black / Gray

The Brother P touch PTD600 can be connected to a label machine and is very suitable for using a wide variety of labels in corporate or private environments. The built-in keyboard and the ability to quickly connect to a PC or Mac allow users to create more personalized stickers. The full color graphic display allows easy access for users to how the poster actually looks before printing. This feature allows you to edit on the spot to ensure your poster is printed correctly the first time.

There are many special sticker features that you can use to create high-quality stickers. Choose from 14 fonts, 11 styles, 99 frames, and over 600 icons and barcodes to create professional posters. Poster Maker takes your design and creates HD posters that can be used to highlight logos, graphics, etc. The PT D600 printer can also print labels exceptionally quickly and has an automatic tape cutter for bulk printing jobs.

This label printer attached to computer also has a large memory and can store up to 99 frequently used labels. This feature can save you time on general reprint jobs. With a power adapter and USB cable, you can be sure your decal is ready. The PT D600 operates in five different TZe band widths. Thanks to the practical design of the top loading belt, you can easily change the color and size of the tray. These decals are coated and durable, making them heat, water, and fade resistant. Suitable for true Brother P touch TZe tapes: TZe MQF31, TZe MQE31, TZe MQ531, TZe2312PK, TZe1312PK, TZe 111, TZe 211, TZe N201, TZe 315, TZe S211, TZe 121, TZe 325, TZe S211 325, TZe S211, TZe 121, TZe 325, TZe S211, TZe 121, TZe 325, TZe S211, S221 TZe, TZe S621, TZe 131, TZe 135, TZe 231, TZe 232, TZe 334, TZe 335, TZe 631, TZe AF131, TZe AF231, TZe FA3, TZe FX231, TZe FX631Q, TZ, TZeZ35, M TZe S135, M TZe S135, TZe T S231, TZe S631, Te, TZe 242, TZe 243, TZe 345, TZe 243 TZe 541, TZe 541641, TZe 741, TZe 741 FX241, TZe S241, TZe S141, TZe S141, TZe S641, TZe S941. TZe CL4, TZe S241, TZe SE4, TZe 151, TZe 251, TZe 252, TZe 354, TZe 355, TZe 651, TZe B51, TZe FX251 S151, TZe S251, TZe S651, TZe S251.

Brother PTD600 PC Printer can be connected to Label Printer
The P-touch PT-D600 is the ideal label printer for business users who want to create a variety of professional, long lasting labels for their office quickly and easily.

Get an accurate picture of the poster you create.
PT-D600 is the first manufacturer of P-Touch labels with color display. The backlit display updates in real time as you type and formatting and automatically detects the color of the installed tape. This provides a true WYSIWYG poster design experience (what you see is what you see).

P-touch Editor poster design software can be printed from Windows or Mac computers
With P-touch Editor poster design software, you can connect to a computer to create amazing sticker sets. Choose from a large library of poster templates and create custom captions with fonts, icons and graphics stored on your computer. When connected to a computer, the PT-D600 can print professional labels with high-resolution barcodes and logos.

Create posters with large fonts, frames, and symbol libraries.
Use a combination of 14 fonts, 11 font styles, 99 frames, and over 600 icons to create a custom poster up to 24mm wide. In addition, the PT-D600 has a large capacity internal memory. You can save up to 99 of the most used stickers and reprint them with just one click!

Thanks to its flexible operating options, you can use the PT-D600 almost anywhere.
The PT-D600 can be powered by 6 AA batteries (not included) or the included power adapter, so you can stick stickers on your desk or on the go. Even in low light, the large backlit color screen is bright enough for you to clearly see your work.
Review Brother PTD600 P-touch PC-Connectable Label Maker
Brother PTD600 P-touch PC-Connectable Label Maker

Can be used with various TZe Series sturdy armor bands.
TZe tape is protected by a transparent film and can withstand the effects of water, grease, fade, corrosion, heat and cold. This makes it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. The TZe sticker features a unique back design for ease of use. Use one of our professional tape to create labels for flexible cables and wires, or use acid-free adhesive (2) to create secure labels for scrapbooks and other light-sensitive materials. There are also non-ironable fabric bands for marking clothing etc.

Get free lifetime telephone support for your products at your side.
Brother's goal is to offer you trusted products that consistently deliver high performance, reliability, and value. That's why we back your purchase with a 2-year limited warranty and phone support for the life of the product. Whether you have a product or technical issues, Brother is always here to help.

Brother PTD600 P-touch PC-Connectable Label Maker Specs
  • Cool and compact design with large keyboard and top bar
  • Full HD color screen with backlight
  • Use large keyboard to create stickers, or connect to PC or MAC for more functions
  • Including purchased power supply unit or battery, ready to use
  • 2-year limited warranty and free phone support for the life of the product

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