Review Brother TD2130NHC Label Printer
Brother TD2130NHC Label Printer

Brother TD-2130NHC is the world's first medical thermal printer with Octobersense Smart Support technology, it is able to print accurate patient identification information that can be read by humans and machines to improve patient safety. The Brother TD-2130NHC Healthcare Thermal Printer and PDC Healthcare Stand with Octobersense Smart Technology can print images of wristbands and wrist labels in almost any care setting (from the entrance to the cart next to the bed patiently). The TD-2130NHC provides desktop printer capabilities for mobile printer applications. Thanks to our smart Octobersense Technology, simply fold down any paper roll and your TD-2130NHC is ready to print. The TD-2130NHC is compact, has an integrated LAN interface and can print accurate bar codes at 300 dpi in 6 points. Optional accessories (WLAN, Bluetooth, rechargeable Li-ion battery, LCD touch screen) are durable and easy to install anytime.

Brother TD2130NHC Label Printer Specs
  • easy to use. No pin design, easy to change, easy to use, built-in DIY poster design software, template for poster design.
  • Quickly. Print at up to 6 inches per second.
  • The compact printer is 25% smaller than other 2-inch direct thermostat printers on the market.
  • Versatile and versatile. Many accessories are easy to install and provide connectivity and portability options without the need for a computer and touch screen for independent printing.
  • Flexible. Print a variety of stickers, stickers, receipts, and wristbands.

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