Review DYMO 1738345 210D Desktop Label Maker
DYMO 1738345 210D Desktop Label Maker

DYMO Desktop Sticker Maker | LabelManager 210D Multifunctional Label Maker, Easy to Use, One-Button Smart Keys, QWERTY Keyboard, Large Screen, Suitable for Home and Office

LabelManager 210D provides an excellent semi-graphic display showing exactly how to print labels. Use Label Maker to print professional quality labels on the DYMO D1 Easy Peel Backing Tape. The distance between the backing tape should be 1/4 ", 3/8" and 1/2 ". No ribbons, inks, or ink cartridges are required for thermal transfer printing. Print one or two lines for each label on a 3/8" or 1 D1 label / 2 "and print up to 10 labels. Customize the poster and use one of six font sizes, one of seven patterns and one of eight different squares or underlines to add focus. Label Maker also provides buttons for quick access to punctuation, room icons, Qwerty keyboard, and saving functions Power automatically.Personalize the poster with one of six font sizes, one of seven patterns and one of eight different square or lining for confirmation.Label Maker includes a box of 1/2-inch black-and-white startup labels and runs on six AA batteries Or a power adapter (not supplied).

The LabelManager 210D desktop sticker maker features a large screen, quick access buttons, and simple, versatile and easy-to-use navigation functions. More than 20 ways to format text and over 200 icons and art clips to create custom labels suitable for nearly any classification job in the home or office. With this poster maker, you can print up to ten copies of the same poster and avoid duplicate work by storing 9 stickers and the "save text" function. From getting started with printing with the LabelManager 210D, labels are easy.

Quick and easy lettering to keep it neat and tidy
DYMO LabelManager 210D can print permanent waterproof labels and give you easy access to files, drawings, tools and more. The large QWERTY style keyboard makes it easy to enter text and special characters. Two lines of poster text are displayed on the large LCD screen to provide font effects and more content before printing. You can save 9 labels and print up to 10 identical labels at a time, saving you time.
  • Create labels with six font sizes, seven text styles, seven font styles, eight square and underline
  • Store up to nine stickers in memory and print up to ten of the same stickers at the same time
  • Simply enter and edit text with a large PC-style QWERTY keyboard
  • The large LCD screen displays a preview of the poster content and effects
  • Print up to 2 lines per poster (3/8 and 1/2 inch labels only).
  • Power supply via 6 AA batteries or optional power supply (sold separately)
Easy to deploy at home or in the office
LabelManager 210D has a large display, quick access keys, and simple, versatile and easy-to-use navigation functions.

Multiple font sizes and styles
The flexible DYMO LabelManager 210D provides a variety of options for customizing labels, including six font sizes, seven text styles, seven font styles, eight square and underline.

Fast and easy text entry
Spacious and familiar, PC-like QWERTY keyboard provides quick one-touch access to letters and punctuation for efficient text entry.

Correct distribution of tasks
DYMO LabelManager 210D is compatible with DYMO D1 waterproof labels in 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 inch widths. All of them are available in different colors to perform the color coding and organizing functions.

The large LCD screen enables intuitive coordination
The large 1.5 x 2.75 inch screen displays two lines of label text, making it easy for users to preview the label content and style. The improved user interface displays all menu items without scrolling and includes icons for other formatting options.

Record company

The DYMO D1 sticker is made of durable materials that are waterproof and UV resistant. The standard D1 mark is ideal for hundreds of home or office tasks such as archiving, storage and asset management. It comes in multiple colors and is easy to code and organize. These continuous label strips allow users to create customized 1 / 4-1 inch labels.
Review DYMO 1738345 210D Desktop Label Maker
DYMO 1738345 210D Desktop Label Maker

Decal vinyl
For general stickers or harsh conditions, vinyl stickers can provide moisture resistance, chemical resistance, and UV resistance, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor lettering. Provides the widest range of colors that conform to OSHA, ANSI and ISO color standards.

Flexible nylon trailer
DYMO D1 and IND elastic nylon labels are ideal for curved or heavily structured surfaces. It's also great for marking cables. Thanks to the permanent adhesive, it can be preserved after application. These continuous sticker strips allow users to create custom stickers.

DYMO 1738345 210D Desktop Label Maker Specs
  • Multifunctional Portable Sticker: Easy to use at home or in the office
  • Quick and easy input: Poster Maker lets you quickly enter text on a familiar PC-style QWERTY keyboard, edit it with the click of a quick format button, and print professional-quality posters every time
  • Print multiple copies: up to 10 copies at a time
  • Print custom labels: Choose from over 20 ways to format text and over 200 icons, and clipart images can be customized
  • USE WITH REAL DYMO LABEL: For best performance please use real DYMO D1 tape 1/4 inch wide, 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch (6mm, 9mm) and 12mm wide), available in various colors

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