Review DYMO 1790415 Portable Label Maker
DYMO 1790415 Portable Label Maker

DYMO LabelManager 160 is a fast and easy label printer that's easy to take with you. Quickly enter text on computer style QWERTY keyboard, edit it with one click, edit perfect business posters every time. Small, light, easy to carry, easy to call anywhere. Over 20 ways to format text and over 200 icons and graphics pads make it easy to create high-quality posters that meet all your business needs. To extend battery life, the self-adhesive label printer shuts off when the auto-off function is not used. USB port no

Multiple font sizes and styles
The flexible DYMO LabelManager 160 software provides a variety of options for customizing your labels, including six font sizes, eight text styles, four squares and an integrated library of over 200 icons and artboards.

Correct distribution of tasks
DYMO LabelManager 160 is compatible with DYMO D1 and IND waterproof labels in 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 inch widths. Suitable sizes are available.

Multiple colors
DYMO offers a wide variety of D1 text and background colors, and provides users with a wide range of color coding and customization functions.

Shop last name
Easily print custom content from the latest poster without rewriting or reformatting text and graphics.

Label stickers quickly and easily to keep them neat and tidy
DYMO LabelManager can print 160 durable and waterproof labels, giving you easy access to files, graphics, tools and more. The familiar QWERTY style keyboard allows users to quickly type text, then use the quick formatting keys for one-click editing and customization, making the company name look perfect every time.
  • Create posters in six font sizes, eight text styles and four squares, plus over 200 icons and artboards
  • Use the computer-style QWERTY keyboard and one-touch quick formatting keys to easily enter and edit text
  • The large LCD screen shows an accurate overview of the poster content
  • Storage of the finished poster allows for re-printing without re-writing
  • Automatic shutdown to prevent battery drain
  • Requires six AAA batteries (not included) or optional power adapter (sold separately)
Review DYMO 1790415 Portable Label Maker
DYMO 1790415 Portable Label Maker

DYMO 1790415 Portable Label Maker Specs
  • Portable Labeling Machine: Small, light, easy to transport and can be affixed anywhere without any problems
  • Quick and easy entry: Poster Maker allows you to quickly enter text on a familiar PC-style QWERTY keyboard, edit it with the click of a quick format button, and print the perfect professional poster every time
  • Custom Poster Printing: Personalize your poster with 20 more text formatting and 200 icons and graphic art methods
  • Extend Battery Life: You can extend battery life with automatic shutdown
  • Use with original DYMO label: For best performance, please use original DYMO label tape 6mm wide, 9mm (1/4 inch, 3/8 inch & 1/2 inch, 12mm) wide), available in various colors to choose from

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