Review GERUIOU M17 Dash Cam 1080P FHD 3 Inch IPS Screen
GERUIOU M17 Dash Cam 1080P FHD 3 Inch IPS Screen

Dash Cam 1080P FHD 3 Inch IPS 170 ° Wide-angle Dash Cam, G-sensor, WDR, Parking Monitor, Loop Recording, Night Vision, Wi-Fi, ADAS

Tip: Plug the power cord into the jack on the drive recorder. (Not related to media power connection) The M17 driving recorder is a new recorder newly launched in the market in 2020. It has advanced technical functions. It is equipped with a new generation of M-Star smart processors, which can work more efficiently even in low light, image processing, eliminating malfunctions, an Ov-Coms sensor and a six-layer glass lens array + F2.0 large aperture at night you can capture Pictures . The 170 degree wide angle can better capture all road conditions. The 3 inch IPS screen makes the picture quality better and clearer. You can effectively avoid rear-end collisions with the ADAS Driver Assistance System. Built-in Wi-Fi and real-time connection to cell phones, simple forensics, and footage recorded on the go can be shared with friends. Gravity sensors and parking screens can also protect your car more effectively in parking spaces. Redundant recording and reducing recording can create more storage space. As one of the largest registrar brands in China, Azdome has trademark agents in China including 120 direct agents, 280 distributors and 500 agent stores operating in 34 provinces in China. The company was established in 2010 and we have been working in the field of registration for ten years. The focus, quality, brand and reputation are first class. We are committed to creating a smart environment for cars and providing smart and safe registrants for car owners. Travel: When the camera is recording, the mobile phone cannot be connected and the recording must be paused. You can watch the video on your phone. This product does not contain memory cards and rear view cameras.
M-STAR processor

The new generation of M-STAR image performance monsters supports HD decoding with two shots. High speed chip processing, clearer image quality, and smoother operation.

IPS HD screen
Compared with the image quality of the traditional digital screen, the new 3-inch HD screen provides 1.7 times the clarity and 30% of the brightness, and deposits the quality of the particles.

Viewing angle of 170 degrees
170 degree wide viewing angle and ultra wide viewing angle can clearly compensate for the road conditions.

Adjustable lens
The angle of the lens can be adjusted according to the car model, so that the field of view is wider and more accurate. Avoid blind spots as much as possible.

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)
The WDR algorithm automatically adjusts the exposure balance to the best condition without further disrupting overexposure and underexposure. It simulates the characteristics of the human eye and fully uses the dynamic range of all recorded data in order to achieve the best possible dynamic effect
Review GERUIOU M17 Dash Cam 1080P FHD 3 Inch IPS Screen
GERUIOU M17 Dash Cam 1080P FHD 3 Inch IPS Screen

Connect to a mobile application
After the mobile phone receives the WiFi sent by the dash camera, you can view / download / share the video or photo instantly. (Please note: This is not an IP / 4G playback recorder. You cannot watch the video remotely.)

Continuous recording
If the memory card is full during the repeat recording, the new recording automatically replaces the old recording. (The locked video will not be overwritten)

Parking monitor
After activating the "parking position", the dashboard camera is triggered and recorded when leaving the vehicle in the event of vibration, to ensure the safety of the vehicle.

Time-lapse shot
The interval video function is activated and the recorder uses a single frame per second video recording mode, which provides more storage space.
  • 1080P Full HD and Super Night Vision Effects: Full HD 1080P recording and advanced sensors can ensure full HD recording day and night. Equipped with 170 degree wide angle camera, it can fully and clearly capture every detail on the road and on the road.
  • WIFI Connectivity: Use AZDOME app to instantly view and manage driver recorder recordings on iOS and Android devices. Thanks to the application, you can download the recorded videos directly to your smartphone and then easily share them with your friends and family on social networks
  • Advanced driver assistance systems improve your driving safety: warnings alert you in real time when you are deviating from your lane and before hitting another vehicle ahead. This can help you maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead. It effectively prevents rear collision accidents and reduces the associated injuries. Especially in traffic jams.
  • Stop monitoring and loop recording: When the recorder is full, the drive recorder overwrites the oldest video clips to ensure continuous recording (locked videos are not replaced). If vibrations or collisions are detected, the recorder will play back and record for 20 seconds. The camera locks the current video and prevents it from being overwritten.
  • Customer Center Company: This machine has 1 year warranty. You can send an email to us. We will reply to your email as soon as possible (within 12 hours). We will answer all your questions and quickly resolve any issues you may encounter.

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