Review IIWEY DC03 Dual Dash Cam  FHD Car Camera
IIWEY DC03 Dual Dash Cam FHD Car Camera
Two IIWEY front and rear cameras with night vision SD card, 1080P FHD car camera with 3 inch 170 ° HD resolution and dashboard camera dashboard camera provides 24/7 parking screen, loop-recording and HDR

The IIWEY DC03 Dual Dash Camera is a new updated version.
  • We have improved the stability of the camera material while improving the camera's recording performance. Improved Sony sensor, new metal materials and high-resolution LCD screen provide a better experience.
  • We've added some extra design elements to the camera look to make it stand out from other products of the same type. We hope that each line of products had its own personality.
  • We also improved the sensitivity of the gravity sensor to ensure the camera is able to block and record important video evidence at every critical moment.
  • The drive recorder has a small built-in rechargeable battery for file backup. If you want it to work even after turning off the player, you need extra power. Such as the mobile power supply and wiring kit (B07Q29JZZY).
  • If you need a specific camera, we'd love to hear your suggestions. Everyone should have the perfect camera.

Improved sensors and materials, clearer and more durable

Please set the G-sensor sensitivity to “Low”. Even if the camera loop recording function is enabled, the video can be easily locked if a collision is detected.
To ensure smooth recording, please turn off the motion detection function while driving.
If the camera asks for you after the SD card formatting period, take the following steps to set up the drive recorder: 1. Turn off the motion detection and parking monitoring functions. 2. Set the sensor to a low G level. 3. Back up your files before formatting.
  • 24-hour parking monitor
  • G-sensor is sensitive
  • F1.8 large aperture
  • Emergency video recording
  • Extended sensor
Super night vision
Sony's advanced image sensor, high dynamic range, and large f / 1.8 aperture enhance the camera's ability to see details in various lighting environments, and this dashboard camera can record full high-quality videos even in low light.

High dynamic range
HDR technology improves the sensitivity of the camera and can capture clear videos and photos under various conditions of high exposure and low light.

The rear view camera is waterproof
This dual camera is equipped with a waterproof reverse camera with 4 LED lights so you can see and photograph what is happening behind the car even at night. It is waterproof so you don't have to worry about rain.

Lopp Registration
When Lopp recording is stopped, the 32GB memory card supports 180 minutes of recording. Therefore, the loop recording function may cause the camera to record continuously for a long time.
Review IIWEY DC03 Dual Dash Cam  FHD Car Camera
IIWEY DC03 Dual Dash Cam FHD Car Camera

Viewing angle of 170 degrees
Full HD 1080P 30fps (1920 x 1080) front angle display covers the other three streets and ensures all near misses can be captured and recorded.

3 inch HD LCD screen
This is a brand new glass panel and you can clearly feel the whole new experience that improved materials bring. Hope you can see more details when playing video on camera.

Hardline Sprint Cam

If you want the control camera to continue operating after the engine is shut down, you must connect to an additional power source. If you need a full set of fonts, you can search ASIN B07Q29JZZY

Downloading videos is easy
You can play the video on the camera or you can use the supplied USB cable to export the video from the memory card to your computer.

Install reversing camera
Reminder: The rear camera is waterproof, so it can be installed outside your vehicle.
If you need reverse function, then you need connect the red wire from the back camera cable to the straight wire from the backlight.

The main camera is easy to install
You can easily install the front camera (5V, 1.5A output) that comes with the car charger.
We recommend setting the screen saver to 3 minutes to reduce power consumption.
  • [IIWEY Dual Channel Dual Security Camera The front and back camera on the dashboard got the certification of 1080P front camera and waterproof back camera. Sharp, high-definition front camera with wide dynamic range, 6 units aperture, F1.8 aperture. Even in the dark in the dark, the glass lens can capture details more clearly than others. The 170 degree front mirror and 150 degree rear view mirror ensure that there is no blind spot on the road.
  • [Repeat recording and emergency lock when the SD card is full, the smooth loop recording function will automatically overwrite the previous recordings with new files. Once the dashboard camera detects collisions and vibrations, the G-Sensor will activate and lock the current video to protect the video as evidence of an accident. It comes with a 32GB micro SD card which supports 180 minutes of continuous recording.
  • [This driving control and tachograph has the function of driving watch. Once a collision is detected, the drive recorder automatically starts after turning off the drive and starts recording the SOS file as evidence. It will be your car after parking 24/7. Protect (the emergency video will stop recording for 25 seconds and then automatically pass through the camera without damaging your car battery).
  • [Rich Accessories, Great Value Dash Camera Kit, Cam DC03 Kit contains useful accessories, including a 32GB micro SD mount card, USB data cable, user guide and installation tools to help you complete the installation and use quickly and easily. You can play the camera videos back and forth on the camera or simply export the videos to your computer with the USB data cable.

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