Review iiwey S1 2K GPS WiFi Dual Dash Cam
iiwey S1 2K GPS WiFi Dual Dash Cam

Dash Cam 1440P, 1080P Built-in GPS and WiFi, Front and Back 2K Cameras with 3 Inch HD Touch Screen, Car Camera with Night Vision, Sony Sensor, Parking Mode, Motion Detection, WDR

Why choose the IIWEY S1 front and rear cameras?

Reliable: Thanks to the powerful NTK96675 processor and Sony IMX 307 sensor, the drive recorder provides excellent day and night performance.
Advanced: Easily download, play and share GPS videos and recordings via WIFI and GPS connections.
Experience: The S1 uses a high-resolution touch screen, and just like a smartphone, it is more convenient and easier to use.
Higher Resolution: S1 performance improvement is evident. The front and rear lenses front camera recording mode can reach 1440p Ultra HD, and the two lens recording mode can reach 1080p HD. It contains 6 layer glass lens and WDR enhancement function for better shooting effect.
Larger storage capacity: S1 supports Micro SD Class 10 (U3 or higher) cards from 64GB to 128GB to meet your long-term recording needs.
Strict Quality Control: S1 has passed CE, FCC and RoHS certificates. At the same time, we use VO to improve the safety factor of the camera.

call again:

Please read the video and installation guide carefully before use. If you want to connect the drive recorder, please select a compatible wiring harness.
The built-in camera battery is used for backup. If you want to continue operating after turning off the engine, an external power supply is required.
To ensure smooth video recording, please turn off the “motion detection” and “park” functions of the dashboard camera while driving.
If you use an Android phone and play the video downloaded through the app on your smartphone to view GPS records, please disconnect the WIFI camera first, then turn on the mobile data.

We recommend high speed U3 memory card
The IIWEY S1 provides almost all of the functions a tachograph would need. It is an ideal car camera for drivers. It includes two cameras to record the road in both directions at 1080p resolution and a front camera to record images up to 2K (1440P). The built-in microphone can capture any expression of speech.
  • Sensor: Sony's hunger
  • Audio: Built-in microphone
  • Display: 3.0 inch IPS touch screen || With a resolution of 360 x 640 pixels
  • USB connection: mini USB 2.0
  • Video Format: MP4
  • Car charger: DC 5V 2A
  • Front and Back Mode Resolution: 1080P + 1080P at 30FPS max
  • Front position resolution only: Maximum 1440 pixels at 30 fps
3 inch IPS touch screen
The innovative 3rd generation touch screen specially designed for S1 can improve your user experience. You can make all adjustments with just one finger, get more vivid and realistic visual effects and present a completely new experience. Enhanced video clarity restore every detail while driving.
Review iiwey S1 2K GPS WiFi Dual Dash Cam
iiwey S1 2K GPS WiFi Dual Dash Cam

Technical WDR certification passed

WDR can balance light and dark so that the S1 can capture more color photos, and this feature can also improve the video effect greatly.

WI-FI and GPS with free apps
Built-in Wi-Fi Function: With the free KAKAOK app, you can easily access videos on your iPhone or Android mobile phone.

With the KAKAOK App, you can:
  • Watch a live video 5 meters from the camera
  • Watch pre-recorded videos.
  • Download all recorded videos.
  • Play the video while checking directions on Google Maps.
Cycle and sensor recording
When the memory card is full, the two cameras can record continuously as the old video is replaced by the last one. Built-in G-sensor can ensure that important videos are locked and not overwritten.

Recording with two cameras
Thanks to its built-in dual-lens design, the S1 can record front and back views simultaneously in FHD 1080P and can also be attached directly to the front glass for optimum vision. It is very easy to install and does not block the view and the installation process becomes more secure.

Super night vision
Thanks to the Sony STARVIS IMX307 sensor and large dynamic range function, the S1 can record clear videos and photos even in poor lighting conditions.

Install the front camera
Installation with the car charger cable is easy. We recommend setting the Screen Saver to 3 minutes.
When the camera is recording, the blue light on the left will flash and the blue light will remain on when the recording is complete.

Install reversing camera
The rear view camera cable is 5.6 meters long and is directed along the inside of the body to hide it. Then connect the back camera to the back window.

Reminder: A reversing camera must be installed in the vehicle.
If you need reverse function, then you need connect the red wire from the back camera cable to the straight wire from the backlight.

Supports micro SD cards with a capacity of 32 to 128 GB
We recommend you to use a 64-128GB micro SD card U3 or higher not the U1 version. Please select "Recommended by Kingston" as SanDisk cannot meet the requirements of high-configuration dashboard cameras like the S1.

Enhanced flame retardant materials
We use VO (high temperature resistance) flame retardant materials and high performance (NTK 96675) processors to improve S1's environmental adaptability.

  • 【Ultra HD resolution and HD touch screen, front and back cameras can read license plate clearly. The front camera can record up to 2K QHD videos (2560 x 1440 @ 30fps) at the same time with the FHD 1080P rear camera, which can capture all road details even in poor lighting conditions. The 3 '' touch screen makes it easy to use instead of confusing buttons, and the HD display ensures smooth video playback.
  • [Built-in Wi-Fi and GPS Module] Use this app to instantly access videos on iOS and Android devices. Easily play, download and share your ride. The built-in GPS system records your vehicle's path and speed along with other information every time you drive and displays your GPS records via the app or our GPS player (for PC).
  • The excellent night / night vision and longer recording time adoption work with the Sony IMX307 Starvis sensor, dedicated 2K NTK 96675 processor, large F1.8 aperture and two cameras that allow license plates and license plates to be captured clearly on the road during the day and at night. The front and back cameras on the S1 support memory cards up to 128GB, the H.265 encoding type requires less file storage space, and the camera provides a longer recording time than others. When the SD card becomes full, the old video will be automatically replaced with the new file.
  • [The emergency video lock and the built-in G-sensor 24-hour standby lock the current video when a collision is detected to prevent an accident. Standby can be triggered by collision detection. If a collision is detected when the camera is turned off, the dual camera turns on automatically and begins recording. The S1 dual camera must be connected with a cable (ASIN cable: B07Q29JZZY) or an external battery in the 24 hour standby display.

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