Review IVV 15.6 Full HD USB Type-C Portable Monitor
IVV 15.6 Full HD USB Type-C Portable Monitor

IVV 15.6 Inch 1080P Full HD USB Type C Portable Screen and External HDMI Screen, Suitable for Laptop / PC / Smartphone / Xbox One / Switch / PS3 PS4 PS5, Eye Protection Screen with Two Speakers, Vertical Screen, Metal Casing

IVV portable display in dynamic video
Tired of switching pages and windows frequently? Is one screen sufficient to meet the workload or need? Your smartphone is small. Can you watch movies? Tired of the old screen while playing? IVV Portable Monitor with HDMI and Micro-USB-C connector can be used as second screen for Laptops, Computers, MacBooks and Mobile Phones, which greatly improves work efficiency and viewing experience.

Three-in-one display mode
For connecting a portable monitor to a computer or laptop, the IVV outdoor monitor provides a 3-in-1 display mode to adapt to different requirements in different situations.

Repeat mode, also called copy mode. In this mode, project the screen to your computer or laptop. Typically used in group sessions to share the same screen.
Advanced Mode - Simply swipe the page to the left or right of your computer or laptop, and the two screens can contain different pages. No matter what you do - write code, design, use Photoshop, or just use regular computer users. This USB Type-C monitor expands your vision and simplifies your work.
The second screen is in content display mode when the computer is turned off. In this mode, the IVV Portable Monitor can not only save energy but also provide amazing Full HD resolution.

Professional dual screen
Equipped with HDMI and USB-C inputs. You can easily connect this portable monitor to a PC or laptop via the fully functional USB Type C / HDMI port for dual display. No driver or software required.
By sharing screen content with others, it is very suitable for gaming, travel and work on the go.

Portable gaming screen
IVV Screen is the best choice for playing HD PS3, PS4, XBOX ONE, Wii or Nintendo Switch games on screen.
Full HD 1920 * 1080P display with HDR technology delivers images with brighter contrast and more vivid colors. It makes your gaming experience totally entertaining.

Portable cinema
Compatible with cell phones with a USB Type-C port. Use this option to enlarge the phone screen. Only a USB Type-C cable (supplied) is required for connection.
Please note that devices without a full USB Type-C connection must use a power supply unit to power the monitor.

VESA mounting and vertical orientation
You can mount the monitor on a wall mount or table at a height that suits your needs. Save more space on your table and keep it tidy.
Provides horizontal and vertical orientation. In Portrait mode, the screen significantly enlarges the portrait view, making it ideal for viewing websites or files.
Review IVV 15.6 Full HD USB Type-C Portable Monitor
IVV 15.6 Full HD USB Type-C Portable Monitor

Stereo Speakers
The updated 2020 mobile phone screen brings you the best high-level display effect and audio experience.
The two built-in speakers provide clear sound quality and full audio when watching movies and casual games.
Also, you can add your own speakers to get better sound with 3.5mm audio input.

Magnetic base cover
It has a built-in magnetic stand that allows the screen to be quickly installed on various desks in offices, homes, libraries, cafes, etc.
The removable cover provides complete screen protection. It can be changed and reinstalled frequently.
This also makes it easy to move the screen. Move easily and travel freely.

Full viewing angle without blind spots

The IPS-Pro control panel provides a 178-degree viewing angle to ensure consistent image and color quality in all viewing modes and multi-person screen sharing.
In addition, the external screen will significantly refresh your experience while watching movies and games.

HDR mode support
Equipped with HDR LCD screen ensures that the screen is completely free from distortion and clear picture quality.
The IVV HDMI display features low blue light and no flicker technology to protect you from eyestrain, irritation and eye strain and provides a comfortable viewing experience.

You don't need to worry about the phone battery
The fully functional USB-C interface also supports reverse smartphone charging, while the other USB-C interface is connected via the power supply.
The portable IVV monitor can be powered by a mobile power supply unit. Your laptop can provide it too. Ideal for travel, business trips and outdoor use.

Compatibility: Verify that the USB Type-C port on your Android laptop or smartphone is a full Type-C port. Otherwise, the video signal will not be sent to the Type-C interface of the portable display.

If your smartphone is not generating enough power from the USB Type-C port, use the included power adapter and USB-to-USB-C cable to power the display. With this connection, the screen charges your Android phone upside down.
For use with a laptop, make sure your laptop has a USB Type-C 3.1 port. Otherwise, you will need to connect your laptop to the display using the HDMI or MiniDisplay port (all cables included). In this case, power is required for the monitor.

First Question: Do I need software or drivers to operate the monitor?
No software or drivers required. Just use the included Type C, HDMI or MiniDisplay cable to connect the device to the monitor (turn on the monitor if you are connected via HDMI or MiniDisplay).

Question 2: Can I use it on PS3, PS4, Switch or Xbox?
All you need to do for the switch is to connect any Type-C port. For XBox One, PS3 / 4/5, or Switch charging stations, connect the HDMI and Type-C ports at the same time to power the display.

IVV 15.6 Full HD USB Type-C Portable Monitor Specs
  • 💻 [Portable Screen] - The thinnest and lightest USB display is 0.23 inch thick and weighs 1.7 pounds. The 15.6 ”portable screen is ideal for business travel, travel, office or home entertainment. Whether it's a dual screen display or a mobile presentation, it's easy to set up.
  • 💻 [FHD 1080P Screen] USB C display provides vivid visuals and immersive viewing experience with stunning visual effects with 1920 x 1080 resolution and excellent color rendering, so you can enjoy high-definition entertainment and games. The newest eyeglasses can prevent eyestrain from prolonged use.
  • 💻 [MULTI CONNECTION] - Equipped with two USB-C ports and an HDMI port, you can easily connect laptops, computers, smartphones (except iPhone), PS3 / PS4, XBOX ONE or Nintendo Switch to play presentations, games, professional videos, TV series, photos, etc. . Each USB C port has the functions of simultaneous power supply, signal transmission and USB interface.
  • 💻 [Audio Out] - Two built-in speakers can produce stunning 360-degree sound while listening to music / watching movies / games and getting deep and accurate bass. You can also add your own speakers or headphones to get better sound with the 3.5mm audio input.
  • 💻 [Stand Cover] - The stand cover is made of durable PU leather with a soft lining. Not only does it protect screen security, but it can also be folded into different positions to create a stand with different angles.

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