Review Monument 217A12 Photo Management Device
Monument 217A12 Photo Management Device

Finish off your photos!
Monument is a smart AI photo storage device that can automatically save and organize photos and videos from smartphones, cameras, SD cards and computers.

Simply plug in an external USB drive of any size and Monument will instantly become an organized home for all your favorite memories.

"Amazing staff. After paying 2 TB every month on iCloud, it just got very affordable." - Fraudsters

Discover the smart way to store and manage photos. You can automatically backup, organize and control your photos so you can have peace of mind. It's as easy as taking a photo. All of these services have no monthly fees.

Free up some space on the phone
Delete the photos and videos stored in the memory from your phone automatically. Everything can still be browsed, searched, and downloaded through the app.

Flexible storage

Monument supports external hard drives. This gives you the flexibility to connect and upgrade any engine of any size today at any time. You can also connect another drive to make a second copy.

Secure all devices
Monument automatically copies all photos and videos from smartphones, tablets, laptops, external hard drives, SD cards, and cloud services. Regardless of whether it is a RAW image or a video clip, all content is saved in original resolution with no monthly fee.

Auto tuning
Monument AI makes it easy for you to search for images as everything is automatically sorted by date, location, camera type, person, scene and keyword.

How did you hear about this product?
After traveling with friends and family, our photos and videos are spread across many smartphones, laptops, SD cards and hard drives, so we spend a lot of time organizing, backing up and organizing content manually. We need a solution that can fix this problem automatically without paying monthly recurring rent, security and privacy.
Review Monument 217A12 Photo Management Device
Monument 217A12 Photo Management Device

What makes your product unique?
With Monument, photographers can save their photos and videos from anywhere in the world and easily access their complete photo collection. Plus, there are no monthly fees or storage limits. Our goal is to make it easy for everyone to organize their content and share it with the important people.

What's the best part of your experience?
We are very fortunate to work closely with photographers to develop better image management solutions.

Monument 217A12 Photo Management Device Specs
  • Organize your photos with artificial intelligence (5 users / unlimited number of devices)
  • Back up your photos in seconds via WiFi or Gigabit Ethernet
  • An automatic backup will be created
  • Connect it to the TV
  • Access your photos from anywhere

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