Review MUNBYN Portable Thermal Label Printer
MUNBYN Portable Thermal Label Printer

Portable Bluetooth Label Printer, MUNBYN Portable Thermal Label Printer for Office, Home, Bottles, Crafts, Products, Clothes, Jewelry, QR Bar Code, Address Label Support iPhone / iPad / iOS / Android
  1. The perfect way to keep your home organized and your desk ready. Support for printing icons, texts, logos, images, and 2D graphics. Ideal for address, cable, shipping and office records printing.
  2. Suitable for clothing, food, communication, jewelry, school, family, etc.
  3. The mobile design with Bluetooth 4.0 technology makes it easy to create custom stickers on your phone. Compatible with iOS and Android.
  4. The app offers up to 2000 templates for editing on mobile phones and for printing on mobile devices. It can also be used to create your own unique design. The application form will continue to be updated every three months.
  5. Thermal printing technology reduces the cost of ink and ink, and the slim and compact design of this label printer makes it an essential addition to any workplace.
  6. Design template for crafts, gift wrapping, home, office or retail. You can easily print your own labels, cable labels, jewelry labels, postal labels, file labels or express labels.
  7. When used with thermal paper, there are no harmful substances or chemicals on the label, which is great for labeling foods, bottles, etc.

  1. Adjustable paper holder: suitable for any paper size from 20mm to 50mm.
  2. Anti-jamming design: The new paper frame structure can effectively prevent paper jam or hanging.
  3. Paper feed button: Hold the label and insert it into the printer. Hold down the paper feed button and the printer will determine the poster size, gap size and other characteristics.
  4. Print Resolution: 203 dpi
  5. Print speed: 20-45mm / sec (level 1-5 can be switched)
  6. Head Age: 50 km
  7. Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
  8. Package: 1 x Label Printer, 1 x User Manual, 1 x Thermal Label Paper (1.96 x 3.14 Inch), 1 x Socket, 1 x USB Cable.
Review MUNBYN Portable Thermal Label Printer
MUNBYN Portable Thermal Label Printer

Ideal for creating personal and business correspondence
You can easily creat custom stickers. Choose a design or template that is free in-app and create a quick merge.

Easy to stick and retain moisture
Be a professional in daily management. The paper is easy to stick, waterproof and peel off. Very suitable for container labels, storage containers, and daily reminders.

Improve your inventory management
Create your own stock management labels. Used for rings, necklaces, earrings, watches, bracelets, etc. Ease of organizing items for sale, distribution, storage or any other purpose.

Make your daily life more colorful
With this MUNBYN label printer, you can decorate special occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, cocktail parties, weddings and baby shower parties. Put DIY thank you stickers on cards, party favors, food stalls, or customize glass and bottle stickers.

MUNBYN Portable Thermal Label Printer Specs
  • ❤ Print labels from scratch: This lightweight label printer allows you to design and print pre-made or custom labels up to 50mm thick. It contains 1 roll of self-adhesive label paper (1.97 x 3.15) (100 labels).
  • ❤ SMART App: Choose sample apps with different fonts, frames, and icons or insert 2D icons, pictures and Excel spreadsheets to create and print labels. Additionally, the app features OCR technology, which can be used to insert images to convert them into editable text for poster printing.
  • ❤ EASY-TO-USE BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY: You can easily connect the product label printer and use it anywhere via Bluetooth 4.0. Compatible with iOS and Android phones. Once connected, the app provides you with several templates that you can use to quickly create and print titles, folders, quotes, and barcode labels. Up to 50 stickers per minute.
  • ❤ Updated Label Printers and Printers: Thanks to adjustable paper holders and automatic label detection functions, desktop label printers can automatically pick up labels and direct them to the printer with the printer to ensure paper jams and gaps are minimized for fast printing.
  • ❤1500mAh battery: 24 hours continuous use, 1.5 hours charging time, 1 week standby time.

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