Review REXING V5 Dash Cam Premium 4K Car Camera
REXING V5 Dash Cam Premium 4K Car Camera

REXING V5 Dash Cam Advanced 4K Modular Function 3840x2160 @ 30fps UHD WiFi GPS GPS Sony IMX335 Car Camera Night Vision, Loop Recording, Parking Monitoring, Super Capacitor, 256GB Maximum Support

3 channels compatible with dashcam
The V5 is a front camera with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 @ 30fps, and it is compatible with the Rexing rear view camera module to add a second camera. Personalize your driving recorder and choose one of three different views of the rear view camera from the rear view, cab or rear window.

With the help of SONY IMX335 image sensor, this driver recorder features a super night vision function that can be used in any lighting environment and greatly improve your safety, day and night.

Typical capacity
The Rexing V5 is compatible with other modules to improve performance, including more options for the rear view and cab view camera modules.

It can cover up to 3 channels for front view, cockpit and stern. (Cab and mirror sold separately). Just log in to Dash Cam and start recording 2160p + 1080p / 1080p videos.

Real 4K Resolution + Super Night Vision
Resolution of 3840 x 2160 delivers stunning video quality that is four times the size of regular 1080p recording. UHD 4K resolution lets you capture 3840 x 2160 shots at 30 frames per second, for crisp, clear images with rich color and high contrast.

Sony's advanced IMX335 image sensor and F / 1.6 6 glass lens can greatly improve night vision ability in any lighting environment and make driving safer day and night.

Built-in mobile and wifi applications
Use the Rexing Connect app to transfer videos from the 4K driver recorder to a smartphone or tablet device via WiFi.
It makes sharing and editing footage from a car, truck or taxi easier than ever.

Integrated GPS recorder

Use the complete interface of GPS logger to play video and display real-time information about your speed, location, etc.
The location is displayed in the app with Google Maps.

Super capacitor
Designed to withstand the weather through super capacitors and operate smoothly in temperatures up to 176 degrees Fahrenheit and -20 degrees Fahrenheit.
Review REXING V5 Dash Cam Premium 4K Car Camera
REXING V5 Dash Cam Premium 4K Car Camera

24-hour parking monitor
The dashboard camera automatically switches to "Parking Monitor Mode". When a collision is detected, the camera starts recording immediately.
Several smart hard wires are needed. (ASIN sold separately: B07RN24B7V)

Record episodes
You can record videos with 1, 2 or 3 minute intervals. If the memory card limit is reached, the duplicate recording will replace the previous unlocked recording automatically.

Impact control
If a conflict is detected, the current video will be blocked.
Repeated recording never covers locked video and ensures your important photos are safely protected.
  • 4K Ultra HD Recording - The Rexing V5 Premium REAL 4K can record videos at up to 2160 resolution. Using the SONYIMX335 sensor allows the motor recorder to operate normally in low-light conditions while WIDE DYNAMIC RANGE technology that can adjust exposure. The camera can use a 170 ° ultra-wide angle lens to get a wide view of the area and reduce blind spots when recording videos.
  • Compatible Modular Camera - Easily add other camera modules to the Rexing V5 to expand the field of view including rear and cab visibility. Great for improving camera coverage and road monitoring before and after.
  • Built-in GPS, WIFI & Mobile App - Use our mobile app to instantly view and manage dash camera recordings on iOS and Android devices. The app allows you to download 4K videos recorded directly to your smartphone and easily share them on social media. GPS accurately records driving position and speed. View directions and trackers in Google Maps via Rexing GPS Player.
  • G-sensor, loop recording and parking monitor plus super capacitor: it can record videos every 1, 2 or 3 minutes. When the memory card limit is reached, the loop recording will replace the previous unlocked recording. Gravity sensor can detect collisions while driving and pause video playback for conflict resolution. With the parking monitor function, the dashboard camera turns on automatically and records 20 seconds of video even when the car is parked and the car camera detects vibrations around the clock.
  • Easy installation is easy to install and easy to install on the windshield, so the installation is complete and straightforward.

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