Review Rii RM300 Slim Rechangable Wireless Mouse
Rii RM300 Slim Rechangable Wireless Mouse

Bluetooth Mouse, Rii RM300 Variable 2.4GHz Wireless and Bluetooth Mouse, Optical Mouse with USB Receiver, Backlight for Windows / MacBook Pro, MacBook Air / iMac / Laptop / Laptop / iPad / iPhone

Rii RM300 Wireless Bluetooth Mouse:
The Rii RM300 is a 2.4G Bluetooth wireless mouse. Whether you are using a laptop, desktop or tablet running Windows 8, you can choose the mode you want. It's the only wireless mouse you'll need.
Please note that this mouse cannot use two models (Bluetooth and 2.4G) at the same time.

Bluetooth and 2.4G:

Dual mode can meet your needs. You can choose the method that's right for your job, degree, games, and other entertainment method.

RGB Backlight:
The backlit version can be used in the dark and it can make your work / study more interesting.

Energy saving:

If the mouse is not used for 10 minutes, it will automatically go into sleep mode. Click any button to activate the mouse.

3 dpi adjustable:
The mouse supports 1600DPI, 1200DPI, 800DPI.
Press the DPI button to change the DPI setting.
The default setting for DPI is 1200 dpi.

Warranty Services:
We provide quality products and offer 12-month warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee!

Working current: 18mA.
Operating voltage: 3.7V
Compatible System: Windows / Mac / Linux
Mouse size: 111 * 64.5 * 32.7mm
Review Rii RM300 Slim Rechangable Wireless Mouse
Rii RM300 Slim Rechangable Wireless Mouse

  • ❤2.4G -Rii RM300 wireless bluetooth and dual-mode mouse, bluetooth and 2.4G, easy to use, just turn on the bluetooth on the device or connect the USB receiver to the device, you can use it
  • Colorful Backlight - Turn on the mouse, the color LED backlight will be on, the color backlight will continue charging and will stay on for 10 minutes. If there is no residue after 10 minutes, the backlight will automatically turn off.
  • Ergonomic design - ergonomically curved shape, it can be used left and right by the rubber handle, even if you use it for a long time, you can hold your hand
  • ❤ Rechargeable Battery - Rii Bluetooth Mouse RM300 is a built-in Li-ion battery. Battery life may vary depending on user and computer conditions.
  • ❤ Auto Sleep Mode - After a few minutes of inactivity, this wireless Bluetooth mouse will automatically go into sleep mode to save power. You can reactivate it by clicking any button. (Battery life may vary depending on user and computer conditions.)

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