Review Rockspace Full HD Dash Camera for Cars
Rockspace Full HD Dash Camera for Cars
Car Driver Recorder - Full HD 1080P Driving Recorder, Driving Recorder with 2.3 Inch LCD Screen, Driving Recorder with Sony Image Sensor, Super Night Vision, 150 ° Wide Angle, WDR, HDR G Sensor, Endless Video

You are no longer afraid to drive and enjoy the ride
Whether you are a beginner or have been driving for many years, the RHD SPACE1080P FHD Driving Recorder can fulfill the dual need for safety and entertainment while driving. Our products are the best choice for configuring your car.
  • 1080P FHD Driving Recorder
  • WDR technology
  • Super night vision
  • Ideas that apply to most climates
  • 150 ° ultra-wide field of view
  • G-sensor
  • Record episodes
1080P FHD Driving Recorder
The drive recorder is equipped with an advanced video processor that can record 1080p videos without image loss or distortion. Capture the seamless look of car scenes for you.

Super night vision
6 layers 1080P FHD high-definition optical glass, F / 2.0 aperture video recording solves the light source contrast problem, automatically shaping the light, improving image quality and sharpness. The combination of Sony IMX323 CMOS image sensor and 2.3 inch LCD screen gives you the ultimate night vision effect.

Ideas that apply to most climates
If you like adventure or off-road. Whether in hot desert areas or in cold snow and ice regions, our products can work normally regardless of the temperature.

150 ° ultra-wide field of view
The 150 ° all-glass lens with f / 2.0 aperture provides a true wide angle so you can see more high-resolution tracks. The six lenses made entirely of glass provide both night and day vision functions and achieve richer and clearer image effects.

Emergency lock
In the event of a collision, the G-sensor is activated to start the emergency video recording and to assist you in obtaining evidence in the vehicle recorder in the event of an accident.

Record episodes
Traveling with a tape recorder. Automatic video loops, unlimited storage space. When the memory card becomes full, the device automatically deletes the previous unnecessary videos so that there is enough space on the memory card to ensure that the new video is currently saved.
Review Rockspace Full HD Dash Camera for Cars
Rockspace Full HD Dash Camera for Cars

Sony sensor
Its resolution is 1080p / 30fps, which optimizes storage space while providing high-resolution images. It uses a built-in gravity sensor to capture fast-moving scenes, record emergency moments, and provide accurate emergency records.

Do not crash
Advanced dynamic hardware technology while composing images, WDR + HDR provides excellent performance for a hardware algorithm that can produce clear images faster and more accurately.

Compact and double
This car camera is small and lightweight but compact, strong, wear-resistant and light with metallic texture and color. Even after a long period of use, the appearance does not change.

Easy to install
Reversible pads and 3M cable tie can be easily and securely attached to the windshield or dashboard in seconds.
  • Mini Driving Recorder Design: The camera of this driving recorder can be perfectly positioned behind the rear view mirror. Rockspace Dash Cam themes and buttons make this dash cam simple and easy to use for new users. The shock absorber is a flat automatic shock absorber located behind the rear view mirror and is not noticeable. Dash cam is also ready to accompany you in traffic accident
  • Ultra-clear video night vision: This driving recorder is equipped with a Sony IMX323 CMOS sensor that can capture day and night photos. Then the car's dashboard camera captures every detail of the road. We have a 2.3 inch screen with automatic drive recorder and drive recorder with 1080p HD camera at the back. With an automatic tachograph, you can capture more accurate and clear details.
  • Emergency Record: When this dashboard camera detects collision or vibration, the emergency log in the dashboard camera will automatically record unexpected driving accidents and protect the record. 1080P HD car driver recorder provides you security at all times. It records the current video from the drive recorder and shuts down if the built-in G-sensor detects vibrations or collisions. time"
  • Six-way full viewing angle: this dash cam provides 1080 Full HD video through 150 ° lens. The front camera of the car camera captures more valuable information on the road. Enjoy richer and clearer photographic effects. Rockspace Driving Recorder provides lifetime support. Our professional customer service can respond within 24 hours
  • EASY TO USE: 1080P HD car dash camera takes only 2 minutes between opening and sealing the case. Package includes 3M stickers, two electrostatic ties, a car key and a instruction manual. This mini dash camera contains simple buttons and various functions. The driver's car camera can cover daily driving needs

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