SANAG Full Touch Screen Waterproof Smart Watch
SANAG Full Touch Screen Waterproof Smart Watch

SANAG Smart Watch, iOS Android Phone Watch, Fitness Tracker, Pedometer, Sleep Calorie Monitor, Full Touch Screen Waterproof, Sport Smartwatch, Compatible with iPhone Samsung Women Phones

The new SANAG 2020 smart watch
Smart Trends, All-day Activity Tracking, Professional Sports, Strong Endurance, Health Status, Personal Screen Saver, Remote Monitoring Data.

Several sport modes support GPS tracking recording
The smartwatch has different preset training modes that intelligently record step count, heart rate distance, and calories. You are a sports-focused person who deserves scientific advice, robotic activities and personal knowledge, and can help you motivate yourself and lead a healthy life.

Smart watch, healthy life
It has the most advanced 24/7 health monitoring function to monitor your health, AI intelligent heart rate algorithm, smart heart rate and sleep quality. At the same time the mind exercises heart rate monitoring and detection of oxygen saturation in the blood.

A new generation of high technology
Portable chips with low power consumption, highly integrated chip design, multi-core efficient cooperation in multi-sensor work such as sports, music, smart heart rate, sleep monitoring etc. can reduce power consumption.

Custom theme what you want
No matter what you want, you can change 30 different types of watch faces as you like.
The large, full HD AMOLED display makes viewing more natural and smooth by touching the entire screen.

Follow life
After pairing with the smartphone, the most advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology, stable connectivity, easy reception of contact information, 7 sports modes and GPS positioning allow you to have a deeper understanding of all health data.

Take care of your family's health from a distance
By connecting relatives and friends in the background of the application, you can view the data of your loved ones in the application and it will instantly remind you of the abnormal data so that your loved ones feel caring and caring. the shipment.
Review SANAG Full Touch Screen Waterproof Smart Watch
SANAG Full Touch Screen Waterproof Smart Watch

SANAG Full Touch Screen Waterproof Smart Watch Specs
  • ✔ Multifunctional mode, multiple health data monitoring, sleep quality monitoring, pedometer, calories, SMS, email, remote control of music, remote picture control, calendar, alarm clock, real-time reminder of new information in Social applications.
  • ✔ [Full HD touchscreen Large AMOLED Retina HD display that provides a clear visual experience for the wrist and is equipped with a touch screen. The process is easier and more interesting. You can redeem 30 free screensavers depending on your mood.
  • ✔ EXPANDED PROCESSOR UPGRADE] Larger PAM and FLASH, the latest version of Bluetooth 5.0, more functional accessories, faster display speed, smoother transmission, new processor technology, less power consumption and longer standby time.
  • ✔ All-weather training data tracker is equipped with a 3-axis motion sensor, all-day training data recording, real-time monitoring of the central rhythm of the training process movement, intelligent walking consumption calculation, new training experience, allow yourself to warm up and enjoy a healthy life.
  • ✔ [Long battery life] Uses dual-core architecture and power saving algorithm for comprehensive intelligent optimization and balancing power consumption and performance. With normal use, it can run in standby mode for 7 to 10 days. This may take up to 30 days.

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