Seagate Ultra Touch SSD 1TB External
Seagate Ultra Touch SSD 1TB External

Seagate Ultra Touch 1TB External SSD - Black USB-C USB 3.0 for Mac PCs and Seagate Mobile Touch Apps for Android, Including Mylio and Adobe (STJW1000401)

Ultra Touch SSD is a palm-sized portable hard drive with Android apps so users can add extra protection for priceless and important photos, videos, and files. Due to its SSD speed, the player is well suited to live streaming videos stored on a laptop and can also perform automatic continuous backups using the supplied Sync Plus software. Universally compatible, suitable for Mac and Windows computers - just plug in using the built-in USB 3.0 cable or the included USB-C adapter. To edit, manage, and share photos like a pro, use a Mylio Create add-on subscription and a two-month subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan (not available in all countries). Ultra Touch offers a three-year limited product warranty to ensure long-term reliability.

Android ready and elegant
The Ultra Touch SSD is fast, compact and comes with the Seagate Backup app for Android. It's the ultimate external SSD for storing photos, videos, and music on mobile devices. Plus, it is compatible with USB-C and USB 3.0, making it an ideal companion for your Windows or Mac OS.

Create Mylio
Enjoy one year of free Mylio Create membership - Mylio Create is a powerful, easy-to-use app that organizes photos into your life calendar and provides easy protection, editing, sharing, and syncing across devices (not available in all countries / regions).
Review Seagate Ultra Touch SSD 1TB External
Seagate Ultra Touch SSD 1TB External

Adobe Creative Cloud
With a free 2-month subscription, it's easy to join the Adobe Creative Cloud plan for photography, photo editing, organizing, saving, and sharing. Use Lightroom CC's powerful and easy-to-use interface for editing, and combine photos with Photoshop CC (not available in all countries) to create rich annotation layers.

What it contains
Seagate Ultra Touch SSD, 8 '' USB 3.0 Cable, USB-A to USB-C Adapter, Quick Start Guide, Downloadable Kit with Sync Plus, One-Year Mylio Building Plan, 2-Month Adobe Creative Cloud Imaging Plan

Seagate Ultra Touch SSD 1TB External Specs
  • ANDROID READY uses the built-in Android app to easily manage mobile content
  • Universal Compatibility: External drives include USB-A to USB-C adapters and built-in USB cables for Windows and Mac laptops * * may require reformatting for use with Time Machine.
  • Compact Compact Hard Disk Drive: With a lightweight texture design in the palm of your hand, this portable hard disk drive provides high speed, and can stream stored videos directly to your laptop and save them on the go
  • ADOBE & MYLIO: Edit, manage, and share photos and get a free 1-year subscription to Mylio Create and a two-month subscription to the Adobe CC Photography Plan (not available in all countries / regions).
  • Reliable: A Three-Year Limited Warranty gives you long-term security

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