Review TerraMaster F2-221-US NAS 2-Bay Cloud Storage
TerraMaster F2-221-US NAS 2-Bay Cloud Storage

Compact size, lightweight and powerful function
The TerraMaster F2-221 dual-slot NAS module houses a dual-core Intel Apollo J3355 processor with a frequency of up to 2.0GHz, a read speed of up to 200MB / s, and a write speed of up to 190MB / s.
These devices are compatible with AES hardware encoding and 4K HD video encoding. This makes F2-221 an ideal choice for home multimedia entertainment and small office applications.

Use a next-generation file system to improve data security
Excellent storage technology and improved snapshot technology are the cornerstones of the Btrfs file system. It is the basis of TerraMaster 2-Bay NAS F2-221 for advanced data protection, data corruption prevention and maintenance costs reduction. The use of this file system greatly improves data integrity while increasing flexibility and efficiency in protecting and recovering data.
The advanced capture technology can create 1,024 shots per shared folder and up to 71,680 global system snapshots. In this way, users can save storage space and flexible data protection.
Since data recovery takes place at the file or folder level, organizations can also benefit from flexibility and efficient data recovery.
  • 2.0GHz dual-core Intel Apollo J3355 processor
  • 2 Gigabit LAN ports, 200MB / s read speed, 190MB / s write speed
  • 2GB DDR3 Memory (expandable up to 4GB)
  • Two USB 3.0 ports
4K Ultra HD video encoding conversionHardware direct conversion for the F2-221 can enable up to two simultaneous conversions of 4K video and allows worry-free high-quality video playback between different devices (including HDTV, digital media players, mobile phones, and computers) in the desired format so that you can easily view your media library, Without installing a third-party player to complete a multiplayer game.

Private space in the cloud
TNAS gives users the ability to create a personal cloud engine that suits their remote access needs.
You can assign access rights to your employees, relatives, or friends. With support for bi-directional sync cloud drives, enjoying a comfortable cloud life is more than ever.

A large number of business applications
  • TOS Enterprise Edition is compatible with many business applications.
  • When compared to multiple devices (including file servers, mail servers, web servers, VPN servers, DHCP servers, DNS servers, remote Rsync servers, FTP servers, MySQL servers), using a TNAS device can be an important one that offers advantages.
Multiple backup methods
  • Apple Time Machine support, Rsync, and remote backup.
  • Support for third-party Cloud Sync Dropbox backup solutions.
  • Super-speed USB3.0 interface supports external memory backup. Supports all types of drive formats including but not limited to EXT4, EXT3, FAT, NTFS and HFS +.
Use thousands of containers on Docker
Users can use the Docker Lightweight Software Container solution to run multiple TOS-based containers.
These containers have been developed by leading international practitioners, all of whom benefit from the latest technology. Docker Hub, a large built-in image repository, allows users to access shared apps from other developers in the community.

6 layers of data protection
  • Scheduled automatic backup set and file system
  • BTRFS File System and Snapshots
  • Security Protection for T-RAID Arrays
  • AES hardware encryption and transmission encryption
  • Backing up data in the cloud
Review TerraMaster F2-221-US NAS 2-Bay Cloud Storage
TerraMaster F2-221-US NAS 2-Bay Cloud Storage

Hardware encoding conversion
  • PLEX supports 4K online hardware transcoding, which allows 4K video to be converted and played instantly on other smart TVs, smartphones, and media players that do not support Ultra HD.
  • Plex Media Server can keep all pictures, videos and music in order and can be streamed to any supported computer, mobile device, game console, or other media player. Enrich your media with stories, stickers, and album covers and enjoy them at home or on the go.

Easy access to files anytime, anywhere
  • Confgure your NAS directly via the TNAS mobile app and enjoy the convenience. Remotely access files via TerraMaster F2-221 without the need to configure complex network settings.
  • TNAS allows you to connect using a simple and customizable address so that you can instantly access your media and work files on any Windows / Mac / Linux computer, laptop or mobile device at no additional cost. You can enjoy media files on the go.

The latest TOS 4.0 operating system
  • With the latest version of TOS OS TOS 4.0, you can backup data, manage file servers, and improve sharing services in an intuitive, simple and easy-to-use way.
  • An operating system consists of a complex set of applications with broad application content, powerful multimedia services, and multiple data storage options.
TerraMaster F2-221-US NAS 2-Bay Cloud Storage Specs
  • Powerful Hardware: 2.0GHz dual-core Intel Apollo J3355 processor, 2GB RAM (expandable up to 4GB). An impressive 200MB / s read speed and 190MB / s write speed.
  • AES hardware encryption engine encrypts shared folders and transfers network data to prevent unauthorized access to the data.
  • The Btrfs extended file system provides 71,680 system-wide snapshots and 1,024 snapshots per shared folder.
  • Real-time hardware transcoding, can play up to two 4K video streams simultaneously.
  • It uses aluminum alloy housing and smart fan, realizing very quiet temperature control and good heat dissipation. Seagate HMI support. Compatible with 3.5 '', 2.5 '' and 2.5 '' SATA SSD. For perfect and stable performance, Seagate IronWolf NAS HDD or WD RED is recommended.

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