TicWatch GTX Fitness Waterproof Smartwatch
TicWatch GTX Fitness Waterproof Smartwatch

The TicWatch GTX Fitness Smartwatch for men and women with up to 10 days battery life (IP68) can be used for swimming, waterproof heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, message notification and screen notification from a changing watch

Healthy Fitness Assistant
1.IP68 waterproof, can swim
2. Fitness tracker with 14 training modes

Support multiple sports modes: outdoor running, outdoor cycling, rope jumping, swimming, indoor walking, kayaking, freestyle swimming, mountaineering, indoor running, gymnastics, soccer, basketball, gymnasium Interior, yoga.
Heart rate monitor
Pedometer and calorie counter

A single charge can extend battery life
With normal use, the battery life can be up to 7 days
When power saving mode is activated, the battery life is 10 days

Track your sleep
Automatically track and analyze your sleep time and quality. You can view deep sleep, light sleep, and total sleep time.

View calls, texts, and reminders
Receive calls, text, and calendar reminders
You can receive the notifications that you have received on your phone

Take control of your music

Tap the watch to play or pause the music and change tracks.
Enjoy the playlist when you are in good health.
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TicWatch GTX Fitness Waterproof Smartwatch

Find your cell phone
Set the tracker to vibrate or ring to find the phone.

TicWatch GTX Fitness Waterproof Smartwatch Specs
  • 【Smart fitness watch, 10 days battery life, 7 days battery life with normal use, 10 days battery life in power storage mode. Powered by Realtime OS (not Wear OS).
  • [Activity Tracking with IP68 Waterproof Standard + Swimming Pool Readiness and 14 Training Modes] TicExercise can record and record your training activities in 14 training modes (including outdoor running and track). Cycling and yoga). Receive training recommendations from the TicHealth app and track hours worked.
  • [Smart Sleep Tracking & Heart Rate Monitor] The TicSleep tracking function can measure your sleep quality. The TicPulse 24HR Heart Rate Monitor provides a line graph and heart rate at rest via an algorithm and 7-day recording of the heart rate record at rest.
  • Call and message notifications Receive incoming call and message notifications from SMS, email, calendar and social media apps. Enjoy innovative functions such as music control, alarm, timer, weather, flashlight and "find my phone".
  • Comfortable, stylish and lightweight to wear The 1.28 inch round screen features a durable 20mm TPU strap that shows your style with a customizable dial.

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