Review Yohuton Women Smart Watch Fitness Tracker
Yohuton Women Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

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How do I connect a smart watch to a smartphone?
Connect When you connect your phone, the smart watch will automatically synchronize the time. You don't have to set the time yourself.
✔ First you can scan the smartwatch app's QR code in the catalog and install it on your phone.
✔ Second, open the app and get the required permission to activate the smartwatch function. (Some smartphones refuse this. You have to manually grant it permissions. Settings -> Application Manager -> "WearHealth" -> Click and allow all permissions.
✔ Third, please whitelist your smartwatch app. Otherwise, the phone system will turn it off, making the connection unstable. When the user exits the application, the bluetooth connection will be disconnected. Keep running the app while using the watch.
---- After the app has obtained all licenses, all functions of the smartwatch can be activated.

⌚ Specifications:
Display: IPS
> Material: metal shell
> Screen size: 1.1 inch color touch screen
> Resolution: 240 * 210
> Battery capacity: 140mAh (4.2V) polymer battery
> Normal use: 5 days
> Standby: 15 days
> Transmission method: Bluetooth 4.0
> System requirements: iOS 8.0 or above or Android 4.4 or above

📜 Position:
Calculate the distance calculation step to calculate calorie consumption
Sleep Heart Rate Monitor
Call reminder ✔ Social media notification
✔ Fixed alarm reminder for fixed stopwatch
Remote camera ✔ bluetooth

Yohuton Women Smart Watch Fitness Tracker Specs
  • Full HD & High Definition Display Our smart watch provides 1.08 inch HD color screen and wonderful viewing experience.
  • ⌚ Based on the wrist's visual heart rate for 24 hours, you can use the optical heart rate sensor to monitor your blood pressure, heart rate and provide comprehensive care for you.
  • ⌚ IP67 Waterproof: Due to its compact design, it is very convenient to carry. You don't have to worry about washing your hands, swimming, showering in cold water, or walking on a rainy day. No problem for this smart watch.
  • Health Tips Based on heart rate, bedtime, and anxiety, Sleep Reports can help you better understand the quality of your sleep each night. You can also track your time in light, deep and normal sleep stages and receive personal information
  • Assistant: Receive notifications of calls, text messages and smartphone applications when the phone is locked; In addition, our smart watches have human functions, for example b- Alert not to sit and drink water. Get it, you'll like it.

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