Zenfox 2K 1440P Wi-Fi Dual Dash Cam
Zenfox 2K 1440P Wi-Fi Dual Dash Cam

Dash Cam Zenfox Built-in WiFi, Front 2K 1440P Built-in 1080P Driving Recorder, Infrared Night Vision, Built-in GPS, Sleep Mode, Motion Detection, G-Sensor, Maximum Support 256GB.

Four dual-channel HD + Full HD recordings
The T3 2CH Driving Recorder uses Sony Quad HD 1440P front-wheel drive sensors and 1080P FULL HD in-cab recording to record crystal clear video day and night. The front and inner lens are framed for easy mounting. Protection of the driver and front passenger at all times. It's the best choice for everyday driving needs (including Uber, Lyft, taxi, and ride-sharing needs).
  • Video Resolution: Front QHD 1440P + Internal FHD 1080P
  • Image sensor: Sony STARVIS IMX335 5MP (front) + IMX307 2MP (internal)
  • Front lens: 160 ° 6G 1: 1.8 aperture
  • Periscope: 140 ° Aperture 6G 1: 1.8
  • Storage space: up to 256 GB (without an SD card)
  • Battery: super capacitor
  • USB connection: mini USB 2.0
  • Screen: 2.0 inch LCD
Front + internal recording
The front camera has a wide angle of 160 ° and the interior camera is of a wide angle of 140 ° which is enough to cover 4 lanes and the entire cabin reducing blind spots and providing more evidence. It's very easy to fit two lenses into one housing.

2K Ultra HD front camera
The front camera uses an advanced Sony 5MP sensor to record the road at 2560 * 1440P resolution at 30fps, capture the license plate in clear details, and more. Bring you clearer videos and great watching experience.

Infrared night vision
Indoor front camera is equipped with 4 infrared night vision devices and 6 F1.8 glass lens. When the passenger compartment is dark, it can take decent pictures of the car cabin, making you safer at night.

High speed wifi
The driving recorder can be connected to the "Zenfox" app via a special WLAN signal. Using dual-band WiFi can increase the transmission speed. You can control the camera in the app and download the videos to your smartphone.

Adjustable lens
The single-channel adjustable lens is used to meet your needs and shooting habits. The front camera supports simple rotation in different directions. The internal viewfinder supports up and down rotation.

GPS tracking of your route
The built-in GPS automatically tracks your driving route, location, speed and time and can be checked in the Zenfox app or in a suitable program on your computer. If you don't want to use this feature, you can also turn it off in Settings.

24-hour parking monitor
When parking the car, parking conditions inside and outside the car are monitored within 24 hours. Every abnormal condition is recorded and saved. Stand mode can operate on three cameras at the same time.
Review Zenfox 2K 1440P Wi-Fi Dual Dash Cam
Zenfox 2K 1440P Wi-Fi Dual Dash Cam

Emergency check-in
Built-in G-sensor detects faults and electric shocks, automatically activates emergency video protection and disables current video to prevent overwriting. The G-Sensor is suitable for two cameras at the same time.
  • [Indoor Camera 2K + 1080P This is a 1440P 30fps dual-channel front camera that can capture 1080p and 30fps high-definition street photos simultaneously It is not a matter to use the front lens and the inner lens (which can rotate at 80 °) on a single body Not only easy to install, but it can also reduce blind spots and capture more details for a real scene. The T3 2CH front dual camera is the best choice for taxis, ride-sharing, Lyft and families as it provides enough protection for drivers and passengers.
  • [Infrared Night Vision Device] Two channels of this dashboard camera use Starvis sensor and WDR technology, which ensure maximum clarity and night image quality even in poor lighting conditions. The indoor facing camera uses 4 infrared LEDs that can handle low-light conditions and ensure crystal-clear video images in low-light conditions. The camera can capture useful photos even in complete darkness.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and GPS: 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi provides faster transmission speed. You can connect your dash cam to Zenfox app to manage settings, view live video, check GPS tracks, and download recordings to your smartphone. The built-in GPS system can accurately record the route, location, speed and time. Use the built-in interface in GPS Logger to play your video and display information in real time.
  • The parking mode and gravity sensor parking mode monitors events in and out of the vehicle for 24 hours. After turning off the engine, the driving recorder automatically goes into standby mode so that you never miss an event. Thanks to the built-in G-sensor that supports variable sensitivity, the drive recorder can automatically detect sudden vibrations or collisions and lock the lens in case of emergency to prevent overwriting the video.
  • [Best Choice For Daily Driving] With the super capacitor, the dashboard camera can work stably in the bad weather. No clips are lost during smooth loop recording, but the oldest file is automatically replaced with the newest file. Supports microSD card up to 256 GB. Update firmware and applications regularly for better functionality. Lifetime technical support. The dual channel cameras on the front and inside of the Dash T3 are the best choice for everyday driving.

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