Review Zissu's ZSPM001 Full HD HDR IPS Portable Monitor
Zissu's ZSPM001 Full HD HDR IPS Portable Monitor

15.6-inch laptop screen, Zissu laptop screen with USB-C port, Full HD 1080P HDR IPS display, dual USB-C display, USB-C port, 178 ° fullscreen support -USB, landscapes and photos, mobile version n-Play connection to PC, PS4 Xbox

Zissu's ZSPM001 Full HD HDR IPS Portable Monitor Specs
  • Ultra-Slim & Portable: This portable USB display features an ultra-thin case that fits in your pocket or takes up little space when standing at a desk. Easy two-screen settings and portable presentations on the go
  • Two fully functional USB-C ports: Both ends use the power of the video cable, power adapter, and plug-and-play. Note: The USB-C to USB-A cable is only used for power supply, and only the mini HDMI to HDMI cable is used for data transfer.
  • Real Pictures: Full HD and 1080P HDR modes provide better video streaming with ultra-low latency for competitive gaming and other entertainment activities and delivers crystal clear sound for great home theater through the built-in two speakers
  • Frameless display: Thanks to the ultra-thin bezel, you can enjoy an excellent picture without ugly borders and distortions. This portable USB screen combines a matte modern effect and can be seamlessly integrated into any background
  • Adjustable Stand: Position it by tilting the external monitor for a more convenient and comfortable viewing angle. You can easily switch between landscape and portrait viewing to call a mobile phone, tablet or laptop

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